O.J. Simpson Recalls Michael Jackson’s Overdose Death

O.J. Simpson revealed Michael Jackson gave him and children a free pass to Neverland after murder trial and he regrets that he missed his funeral.


OJ Simpson revealed he was devastated over Michael Jackson died due to overdose in 2009. His one of the biggest regret was that he was in the prison and he could not attend the pop king funeral.

CAPTION: O.J. Simpson Recalls Michael Jackson’s Overdose Death SOURCE: gettyimages

It has been more than a decade that Simpson granted interview permission. Though he received an interview offer from other he chose The Buffalo news to opens up to his roots with interviewer Tim Graham.  

In fact he shared everything starting from his college career days to breakthrough years including the kidnapping & robbery charges without missing his infamous ex-wife Nicole Brown and friend Ron Goldman murder trial.

Simpson explained while lived he lived in Encino with his first wife Marguerite, he was close to some extent with Jackson family. And Jermaine Jackson would visit his home.

When he faced trial he told Jermaine that it was sad for his children. Then Michael offered his children the facility.

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CAPTION:  Michael offered his children the and OJ Neverland Ranch free pass SOURCE: Dailymail

Simpson Said, “There came a point where my kids would come up with their best friend and stay long weekends at Neverland Ranch, with everything available to us.”

He says the place was big and incredible that includes almost every facility to live a luxury life.

Then he recalls in the interview it hurts me when I didn’t have the chance to attained Michael funeral the person who was like everything in my difficult time.