How much is O. J. Simpson's Career and Net Worth? Also know about the Murder Case

Orenthal James "O. J" Simpson; a former American football running back, actor, broadcaster and convicted felon. He is also known by the name "The Juice". He was also awarded as the AP Most Valuable Player in the year 1973.

Today, here we will be talking about O. J Simpson's net worth. Also, check more about his source of income and murder charge too.

O. J Simpson's Net Worth and Career

Right before clicking into the net worth of Simpson, first, let's discuss his appearance in the past. To be clearer, Simpson first started his career in the year 1969. He once played the college football for the USC Trojans where he won the Heisman Trophy in the year 1968.

O. J Simpson

O. J Simpson 

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Later in the year 1969, he started playing professionally for National Football League with the Buffalo Bills. He played as a running back for around eight years. He also played with San Francisco 49ers from 1978 to 1979.

After Simpson got retired from the professional football, he then started his career as an actor and a football broadcaster. He was also spotted as the commercial spokesman for the Hertz Car rental company.

 It has now been already four decades that the gentleman is working, thus, is estimated to have a huge amount. However, as indicated by therichest and celebritiynetworth, Simpson is estimated to have around $250 thousand.

Talking about his net worth, all his income was especially from Brentwood estate. His monthly income in the year 1992 was estimated to be around $55,000 which is actually equivalent to  $92,000 per month contributing to $1.1 million in a year. The majority of his income is actually contributed by the Hertz endorsement contract.

O. J Simpson

O. J Simpson

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O. J Simpson continued his stay in his Brentwood mansion which is estimated to be around $4 million dollars. The house is spread up to 6200 square feet which were later sold in foreclosure and got demolished in the year 1998.

The Murder 

Everyone must have heard the news of Simpson murdering his friend Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown (his ex-wife). Simpson was convicted in the civil trial and was then ordered to pay around $33.5 million as a compensation for the damages to Brown and Goldman families. As per some reports, he has already paid around $500,000 to the respective families.

O. J Simpson with her ex- wife Nicole Simpson

O. J Simpson with her ex- wife Nicole Simpson

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