Michelle Obama Danced With Little Girl Awed By Her Portrait

March 8, 2018

Michelle Obama reached out to meet and danced with the 2 year’s old little girl Parker Curry awed by her portrait.


Former First lady Michelle Obama got chanced to meet Parker Curry who was mesmerized with her portrait at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

CAPTION: Michelle Obama Danced With Little Girl Awed By Her Portrait SOURCE: Instagram

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The picture of Parker looking at the Michelle Obama went viral when it was shared on the internet which was also viewed by Obama. Then Obama moves out to meet Parker and invited Parker’s family to the Washington office that turned into a dancing party.

After meeting the Parker Obama transformed from a Former First lady to a dancing partner for the cute girl. The dancing video of Obama and Parker was shared by Obama on her Twitter on 6 March and was viewed by more than 5 million viewers.

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Obama wrote she was really glad that she got chance to meet the adorable girl and join a dance party. She revealed in the caption, she dreamed big for her and hopes one day to look the picture of the little girl as she looked her at the portrait gallery.

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The Parker’s mother explained the meeting moment with Obama a “surreal moment”.