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Michael Jackson Only Daughter Paris: Family Fear For Her Life

April 22, 2018 by arjun

Jackson family fears for King of Pop Michael Jackson only daughter Paris life. Last month she shared a post on her Instagram walking on the ledge of a skyscraper.


In March 2018, when Paris Jackson shared an Instagram story of herself walking along the ledge of a skyscraper, it quickly gave the Jackson family horrified flashback.

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One of the family members compared the incident with the infamous 2002 history, with Superstar Michael Jackson who dangled his own baby boy, Blanket, over a 4th floor of the Hotel Adlon balcony in Germany.

CAPTION: Michael Jackson Only Daughter Paris: Family Fear For Her Life SOURCE: Twitter

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But that was a different situation as Paris’ father Michael had control of son Blanket and the height was not frightening as Paris walking in the video.

One relative of Jackson said, “She’s completely lost it.”   

CAPTION: Michael Jackson Only Daughter Paris: Family Fear For Her Life SOURCE: Instagram

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In the filmed video clip on her IG previously shared, now deleted we can clearly see Paris hanging out with model Cara Delevigne, her rumored girlfriend and few of her friends having fun at a restaurant.

In the video, she and her so-called girlfriend taking loudly and it cuts and shows Paris walking on a ledge from where the vehicles and pedestrian can be barely seen.

Next, she momentarily loses her balance before she slips into Cara’s arm.

In her video, Paris penned “I almost died.”

According to a family inside person, there are no current plans for an intervention but one day everyone should regret if she dies trying similar things.

The worries pop-up as 20 years old Paris has troubling past that includes 3 suicide attempts, harming herself, sexually assaulted and being cyberbullied. In all, she is struggling with the self-esteem problem.

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