Michael Jackson's Daughter: Paris Jackson thinking about her Father's Murder

It's been almost 8 years since Micheal Jackson have said goodbye to us. The legendary pop icon untimely died which made people raise the various question regarding the cause of death. In the same way, the only one daughter of Micheal Jackson, Paris Jackson revealed that her father was murdered.

Know more about what Paris Jackson has said about the untimely death of his father Michael Jackson in her recent interview.

Was Michael Jackson murdered?

Paris Jackson was first-time interviewed on Jan 24, where she decided to discuss her father Michael Jackson’s untimely death. She revealed that her father had always tried to drop hints of people trying to kill him. She also said, he often keeps on saying "They're gonna kill me one day".

But poor Paris could never identify who "they" means. This particular statement really makes every viewer confuse and wonder if the king of pop is really murdered. Is that really true? How terrifying.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

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Speaking about Micheal Jackson death, it was thought the singer committed suicide, but after going it through, it was proven that he died of misusing the surgical anesthetic propofol. Paris blames Dr. Conrad Murray for the decision of her father to use the propofol to treat his insomnia. Dr. Conrad was Michael's personal physician who later admitted his involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to four years in prison

Michael Jackson - Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson - Paris Jackson

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However, she also says that she does not think the misuse of propofol killed her father, she thinks that her father is murdered. She says it was the entire "set up" plan to kill her father. She says it almost like a mysterious murder case which has more to reveal. All she said was she need justice.

Not only Paris, Lisa Marie Presley also told in an interview that Michael Jackson had admitted to her his fear of being killed. Lisa Marie Presley was once married to Jackson who is the daughter of Elvis Presley. What can be the truth behind Micheal Jackson's death? So, what do you think, people?

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

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In the same interview, Paris Jackson also confessed that she has tried multiple times to commit suicide. When asked about the reason, she clearly said she was sexually assaulted. The grief of losing her dad and being physically attacked, she was dropped into drug addiction and depression in the year 2013.

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