Matt Patricia Joins Former Roommate Bob Quinn

Detroit Lions GM Bob Quinn hired his old roommate Matt Patricia as new Head Coach. He was introduced head coach during a news conference at Wednesday in Allen Park.


Matt Patricia takes over head coach position on Wednesday after facing weeks a worst kept hiring secret in the National Football League (NFL).

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Patricia appeared so trimmed businessman in a black suit and matching striped tie that he was not actually recognized at the first glimpse. He was less hairy and has shaved his beard short.

[ CAPTION: Matt Patricia ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

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But it was Bob Quinn who recognized his classmate immediately. In early days they used to be roommates scouting college players and riding rental cars. In New England, both worked for 12 years under Bill Belichick.    

[ CAPTION: Matt Patricia ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

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Patricia was asked what were the chances of hiring if Quinn was not the GM? As he is the GM the chances have increased.

Patrick replied “We Worked a lot of long hours and spent a lot of time together,” “He continued obviously, it’s ironical how it all works out.”

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Patricia and Quinn are ultimately what it takes to see the Lions grow up. Here Patricia is not trying to be Belichick but trying to master his skill that he has learned working under him joining old pal Quinn.