Up and coming NFL Footballer Josh Norman, his stats, injury, salary and more

December 2, 2015
First published on:December 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Josh Norman is one of the few players outside of the New England team who has been called one of the best players in the NFL in recent years. Josh, who plays for the Carolina Panthers team, has proved his mettle time and again for the team, despite all the hardships face by the team.

Due to Josh’s amazing defensive skill, Carolina Panthers are the only remaining undefeated team in the league so far. He is also known among kids and teenagers thorough out America for his flamboyant portrayal of various Hollywood action figures.

Every Sunday, each game, Norman is said to inhabit a particular character and he never breaks the character throughout the game. In his most recent game against the Tampa Bay, he portrayed Maximus, referring to the Gladiator portrayed by Russell Crowe on screen.

Norman, who is known for his intricate take on games, spends hours studying each game he played and as well as the games played by his upcoming opponents in a detailed manner before each game.

After each score, Norman celebrates with the character he has taken up for the game and has been flagged on a number of occasions for excessive celebration. His characters vary from week to week, but he most of the times he goes with medieval or barbaric natured.

For his in game style, he has also become the most loved and watched footballer in America today.

Norman was one of the second most outstanding players in the NFL in the 2014 season. While he did not even start the season as a starter and was said to be released later on in the year due to sever underperformance, Norman played such an outstanding season last year that his stats have been the most impressive in years.

Norman, in the 2014 season, was targeted a total of 58 times, but allowed only 27 catches with 291 yards and as little as 79 yards per catch. He also managed to break ten passes with a number of interceptions. Last season, Norman was ranked the 4th best corner back in the world.

Norman began the 2015 season on the same note the 2014 season had ended. So far, he has been thrown at 9 times, where he has allowed just 2 catches for five yards. Norman is now the most feared defensive corner back in the game. In just the first twelve games, analyst have said if you throw the ball at Josh Norman you might as well throw it into the turf.

Josh’s contract with the panther is for four years with a total salary of $3 million, which is set to receive a huge rise this season due to his performance of late. He makes an annual salary of $600,000.

Josh is just 27 years old and has already earned a reputation for being the fiercest player in the NFL. His physic, training routine and metal strength has been so good that he has yet to sustain an injury in his professional career.