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Know about the net worth, career and salary of Journalist Josina Anderson

December 2, 2016
First published on:December 2, 2016
by John

Josina Anderson is an NFL insider and a Bureau reporter for ESPN; she mostly appears on ‘NFL Insiders’, ‘SportsCenter’, ‘NFL Countdown’ and ‘NFL Live’. With so much going on in her life and everything she accomplished, Josina’s net worth has gone so beyond every lil things. Find out about her salary and her career as a reporter.

Josina Anderson’s Net Worth and Salary

As pointed out by the wikinetworth, Josina’s net worth is around $2.2 million. And for your information, ESPN pay $41 per hour to normal working reporters. However, she is not just a reporter at ESPN; she does so much stuff in there.

Now, you guys probably must have ideas on how much her salary is, right! Well, we can’t really specify the exact number, but we can sure assure that it’s way too much for a reporter. And according to work.chron, the average salary of professional sports announcers was around $79,050. I know it’s pretty much of an amount. 

Josina Anderson

Josina Anderson

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Josina Anderson Career

Before anything started, she used to do all kinda stuff; from a being a field and track star to American Youth Ballet. Her TV career came on board in the year 2000 at CBS as a sports reporter. After almost a year, she then shifted to Washington and served ‘Redskins Magazine’. In the year  2009, she won the ‘Heartland Emmy Award’ for ‘A Premonition to Addis Ababa’.

Finally, in 2011, she started working for ESPN and became first ever lady National NFL Insider in 2015 August. Ever since then, her life has fled to a different swing and she is not considered as one of the most earning reporters in the whole United States of America.

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Josina Anderson Personal Life

There was once a rumor about her marriage and affairs. But soon, she confronted everything out and told the media that it was not her and that she was not seeing anybody. So, I guess she is single now? But you know she is ridiculously hot, and she might be dating as well. We can’t really say anything about anything, right! I hope she finds her Mr. Perfect.

Mark Wahlberg and Josina Anderson

Mark Wahlberg and Josina Anderson

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