Net worth Roger Goodell: Prolific career in Sports.Commissioner of the NFL has a huge house in NY

Roger Stokoe Goodell is a commissioner of the National Football league (NFL) who was selected among 4 finalists for the position. He began his occupancy on September 1st, 2006; and today, his net worth has overcome everything and everyone making him one of the greatest millionaires in the NFL history. Furthermore, he also has a huge house in New York.

Roger Goodell Net Worth and Salary

Roger’s net worth is likely to hit $75 Million as of 2016. Quite fascinating, huh! There’s more. During the year 2012-2013, he earned $44.2 million with bonuses alongside. Roger’s base salary was $7.2 million whereas $37 million was his bonus. 


In 2008, he had a salary of $12 million; in 2009 and 2010, it hit $10 million; and at the end of fiscal year, March 31st, he was paid $9.89 million. In 2011, he earned $12 million; in 2012, he was able to earn $29.5 million; and in 2013, his salary jumped off to $44.2 million.

Roger Goodell House

Roger Goodell is a commissioner and an economist who earns a hell lot than any one of us can even think of. Likewise, he has a mansion in Bronxville, New York, United States of America that looks like a million dollar house. The mansion is covered by trees and bushes all over and it has a pool on its backyard. Thus, the house looks incredibly awesome and extremely expensive. You can see it for yourself. 

Aerial view of Roger's NY mansion

Aerial view of Roger's NY mansion

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Roger Goodell Car

With such a great amount of cash in his pocket, wouldn't you say he possesses more than just cars!! All things considered, I unquestionably think so. In any case, it would appear that he owns a black Chevrolet SUV. To be more precise; don’t you see in movies, when FBI shows up in a black Chevrolet and arrest villains. So yes, he owns the same kind. Pretty cool, huh. 

Roger's Chevrolet (SUV)

Roger's Chevrolet (SUV)

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Roger Goodell Boat

It shows up just as Roger claims a 57 foot Yacht. It highlights Single cockpit cruising vessel, stun relieving seats, Hydraulic controlling, three twofold staterooms and that's just the beginning. Sources trust that he purchased the Yacht gathering fine cash from players. It might not be 100% accurate cuz he has the greatest net worth ever and he can buy himself a Yacht with no hesitation whatsoever. Well, that is what I think.

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Roger Goodell Books

It looks like he is not just a commissioner at NFL but also an author. He has written a book alongside ‘Larry Upson’ (editor) and it is named ‘2006 Official Playing Rules of the National Football League (Official Rules of the NFL)’. The book would cost you $9.95 for paperback.

Cover of Roger's Book

Cover of Roger's Book

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 Nevertheless, ‘Sean Gilbert’ has written a book named ‘The $29 Million "Tip": How Roger Goodell Earned His Big Payday’. So, I am pretty sure he gets his share from this book as well. So, if you are interested, you can get the book for $6.99. 

Cover of Sean's Book

Cover of Sean's Book

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