Manuela Escobar, Daughter of Pablo Escobar. Know about her Personal Life

April 26, 2018
First Published On: April 28, 2018

We all know who Pablo Escobar is! He was a narco-terrorist and Colombian drug lord. Although he doesn’t live anymore, the money he’s earned has got many people amazed. Well, today we are not here to talk about Pablo but about his daughter, Manuela Escobar.


If you have watched the series, ‘Narcos,’ you already know how adorable Manuela Escobar was when she was young. But what about now? Where does she live? Know everything about Manuela Escobar’s personal life from this article.

Manuela Escobar's dating life and relationship

Pablo loved his one and only daughter, Manuela more than anything. After Pablo’s death Manuela tried to stay away from the limelight whereas her brother, Juan Pablo Escobar and her mother, Maria Victoria Henao managed to sit for some interviews and create a documentary as well. Although she had a good relationship with her father when he was alive, she looks like she's maintaining distance with her mother and brother.

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Caption: Pablo Escobar's wife

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Manuela is neither active on any social media, nor she flashes herself in front of the public. As she suffered from severe depression in her life, she hasn't had time to think about dating or a boyfriend. Although she is already of age, she is not married yet. 

CAPTION: Pablo Escobar's wife and his kids' SOURCE: All that's interesting

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Soon after Pablo’s death, his wife took both the children and left Colombia, but no country granted him asylum because of Escobar’s crimes. Finally, they made it to Mozambique, and then to Brazil and finally to Argentina where all of them lived with an assumed name.

Manuela Escobar’s Personal life

Manuela was barely nine years of age when her father died. Till date, she hasn’t been arrested for any crimes, but her mother and brother were arrested back in 1999. After about five years, Pablo’s daughter news got published on El Tiempo. Manuela was living in Buenos Aires with the name ‘Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos.’

CAPTION: Pablo Escobar with her daughter Manuela Escobar SOURCE: e-celebrity

She had been living alone in an apartment and as it was not how you imagined, her life was far from lavish and she hardly had money to sustain her life. As her mother and brother got arrested, she was very much frightened and tried to hide from the world with the fear of being caught.

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CAPTION: Manuela Escobar SOURCE: e-celebrity

Manuela actually lived with depression throughout and several times attempted to take her own life. Later with the help of her brother and his wife, started to recover and began studying public relations.