Ecuador’s Pablo Escobar extradited To America

arjunPublished on   25 Feb, 2018Updated on   22 Apr, 2021

Washington Prado nicknamed Ecuador’s Pablo Escobar, also known as Gerard was extradited to America after arresting in Colombia.


The drug kingpin Gerard, 36 was arrested by Colombian authorities in April 2017 and prisoned in Bogota highly secured prison before handing to the U.S.

Due to his crucial role in drugs trafficking in Ecuador he was compared to 1993 Drug Lord Pablo Escobar and dubbed Ecuador’s Pablo Escobar by the Colombian authorities. Besides drug trafficking, Gerard was also linked to murder investigator and legal body.

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[ CAPTION: Ecuador’s Pablo Escobar extradited To America ][ SOURCE: BBC ]

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Prado tried every possible way to stop his extradition of America but was unsuccessful. He even claimed himself to be an ex-guerrilla linked to FARC but it didn’t work out. Due to the deal between FARC and Colombia an ex-guerrilla dealing drugs can receive extradition excuses if they promise to quit the criminal life.

Prado is accused of smuggling over 250 tones cocaine in American from several years.

The prosecutors revealed in a statement “Washington Prado Alava is considered one of the biggest capos (bosses) in recent years and become a top target for the United States.”

The extradition process was carried with maximum security.