Radio host Laura Ingraham Following Trumpism with Nazi Salute

HitBerryPublished on   21 Jul, 2016Updated on   27 May, 2021

The Republican Convention of 2016 is TRUMP-ing all over. From Peter Theil accepting Donald Trump as the President to Tiffany Trump praising her father; this has all been about Donald Trump is Triumphant but Gah, what a convention, it has been with every member speaking and striking a huge controversy.Laura Ingraham, who spoke at the convention has rather brought out a new religion all together instead of a controversy- Trumpism. And hey, guess what? According to Laura, this Trumpism will continue even after Donald Trump is no more.Hmm, no more as in dead is it Laura? Naah you obviously did not mean that.

“ To all my friends up there in the press; you all know why in your heart Donald Trump won the Republican nomination. You know it. Because he dared call out the phonies, the frauds and the corruption that has gone unexposed and uncovered for too long.”

There is a saying- do anything but don’t ever contradict your job because that is your job. Well, Laura Ingraham just seemed to have forgotten this completely. After all being a radio show host which is obviously part of a media she criticized the media - for being “wrong” about the President nominee Donald Trump. Hmm, Laura. Hmm, we really need to think about this now.

According to Laura, who is a true “patriotic”- her America is being taken away from her. Apparently, it is where their ancestor's dead bodies are buried and that who don’t support Trump are lacking the manhood. Ouch, all the men around Laura; ouch Hillary Clinton will be pleased because she is not a man. Just joking.

FYI, Donald Trump thanked Ingraham for her speech.

Laura Ingraham’s Nazi salute

But that was just not it. Definitely not. Laura Ingraham actually did a Nazi salute, and end the speech at Republican National Convention.Donald Trump being compared to Adolf Hitler is understood, but actually taking it way too seriously, Laura Ingraham did a salute and how can nobody notice. In fact, everybody did.

So much that Twitter has a gif featuring this and well this is never going to stop because the gif game is now going to just go on and on- waiting is to see if this is going to be ridiculed more or critiqued.

The Twitter site is actually storming with all the tweets that describe Laura’s love for Trumpism and obviously that famous grand salute from her side. This is never going to be forgotten and will be marked in history; that I can assure you of Laura.

Laura Ingraham doing the very famous Nazi salute at the end of her speech at Republic National Convention- 2016 in support of Donald Trump.

Laura Ingraham doing the very famous Nazi salute at the end of her speech at Republic National Convention- 2016 in support of Donald Trump.

Laura Ingraham personal life and net worth

Laura Ingraham, who age is 52 years is one of the most prominent figures of the United States and one of the most listened to women on a political radio talk show. A New York Times bestselling author; Laura is the graduate of Virginia School of Law and is known to strongly condemn issues like feminism, radical Islamic views and illegal immigration of the United States of America. Despite crossing five decades of her age already Laura Ingraham has not married, yet she has three adopted children with whom she resides in New York.The American radio host has a height of 6 feet and 3 inches while earning a net worth of $45 million.