Is Radio host Laura Ingraham getting married? Who is this mystery boyfriend we keep hearing about?

February 8, 2018
First Published On: October 5, 2015
by HitBerry

Enough of the celebrities!! This time, we will take a look at Laura Ingraham. For many of you who don’t know her too well, you must have had "Oh! This girl!" moment, because she is one fine radio host.


A very common voice that is usually not recognized by the public figures, Laura Ingraham was on the news after some gossip site posted that she was finally set to get married. Well Well Well!!!! That turned out to be a false rumor indeed. 

For those of us who are still confused about who Laura is, a short bio to catch you up. After starting her TV show back in 2001, Laura has been one of the most popular radio program presenters of the past decade, with her programs constantly featuring in the list of top radio programs of the United States. A strong conservative speaker as well, she is also a regular speaker on various issues.

Laura Ingraham Dating and Relationship 

Although not much of a romantic person, it can be shocking to know that at the age of 52, she is yet to have tied the knot, not that she has not met any guys. Ingraham, instead, was on news a couple of years back after it was rumored that she was marrying Dinesh D’Souza.

But that relationship turned sour very quickly. The two of them had apparently met at Dartmouth (yup…very bright girl indeed) but only kindled their romantic interests after their graduation.

Laura Ingraham Children 

Anyways, she has three children to her name. A fighter for serious causes, she adopted her two children. Ingraham’s first child was a young girl from Guatemala who was later named Maria Caroline. Her next child was brought in June of the next year when she adopted a 13-month-old boy named Michael Dmitri.

After two years she again then announced that she was bringing a third child. And months later, she brought 13-month-old Nikolai Peter. Given that she had spent a lot of time in Russia, all her adopted children are from Russia.

Laura Ingraham Engagement 

Shorty after she was engaged to conservative author Dinesh, her engagement broke. Why they split up remains yet to be known. She then started dating former New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli. But that relationship did not go very long either. She was then engaged to businessman James V. Reyes.

On 11th May 2005, Ingraham shocked everyone after she clarified that her engagement to Reyes was canceled. The reason was later disclosed to be a breast cancer surgery that Ingraham had to go through.

Although they were set to marry after the diagnosis, the two did not continue such plans. Both of them are single now and remain very good friends to each other. For more on this host, she is one crazy Twitter and Instagram user and you can always follow her. 

So coming to the headline, we were quite eager to know about who the guy she was getting married to might be. But, turns out, that was all just a rumor. Hope she does find a husband soon, someone her children approve of.