Know Jamie Oliver's Net Worth, Earnings, Sources of Income, Restaurants, Cars, House, and More!

42 years old British celebrity chef, restaurateur and a television personality Jamie Oliver has gained an excellent reputation for his English Cuisine. Oliver has been able to increase his earnings within a couple of years tremendously.


British chef Oliver has impressively increased his earning from his career. Oliver started his career working in a restaurant and gained the experience with Italian cuisine, and today he is best known for his English cuisine. He has also appeared in numerous television shows, unscripted documentary, scripted impressive numbers of books that mostly relates to the chef cooking, and has a company. He is also awarded different titles for his excellence. Let us know more about Jamie Oliver's net worth, earnings, house, cars collection, and more about him:

Jamie Oliver's Net Worth

Jamie has impressively increased his earnings. Jamie Olivier's net worth in 2014 was £240 million. But in the recent days, Jamie owns a huge net worth which is estimated to be around $400 million. His name was listed in the top 5 list of richest chefs.

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Oliver has been able to collect such a huge amount of net worth from his television shows, commercials, cookbooks, and restaurants. Oliver owns a holding company named Jamie Oliver holding limited. 

The company has helped him to add an extra fortune to his net worth. He appeared in an unscripted documentary about the restaurant, Christmas at the river cafe.

Youtube: Television Commercial of Jamie Oliver

Jamie also appeared in the television series where he trained 15 young people in the restaurant business as chefs. In 1999 his BBC television show The Naked Chef debuted, and his cookbook became the No.1 best seller in the U.K.

In 2005 Jamie initiated a campaign named Feed Me Better to move British schoolchildren towards eating healthy food and cutting out junk food. Soon after he launched his first High-end restaurant Jamie's Italian in Oxford and hosted a TED Talk winning him the 2010 Ted Prize.  

Youtube: Jamie Oliver hosting the Ted Talk Show

In 2009 his chain of a cooking school called Reciepease was opened in several locations in U.K. Sadly, by the end of 2015, all the stores have been closed. In 2011 Oliver teaming up with his friend Adam Perry Lang opened a BBQ meat-based restaurant, Barbecoa

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CAPTION: Jamie Oliver's BBQ meat-based restaurant, Barbecoa SOURCE: BTNDC

As we mentioned earlier, that Jamie has also authored numerous books including The Naked Chef, he has also recently published his new book named 1 Ingredient. He is actively seen advertising his new book 1 Ingredient, via social media as he recently posted a video advertising about his book via Instagram.

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Jamie Oliver's Cars

British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver owns a beautiful Land Rover Discovery. The offroad discovery land rover's price is estimated to be around $46,795. He is often seen with his land rover.

CAPTION: The Beautiful land Rover owned by Jamie Oliver SOURCE: This is Money UK

The specialty of his Land Rover Discovery is that he can cook the food inside the car and contains the attached table for keeping the food. For the world-famous chef Jamie this a profitable and amazing specialty about the car. Jamie has also been an active personality for the advertisement of this car.

Jamie Oliver's House

Jamie Oliver owns a mansion in the North London. The price of the house is estimated to be around $10 million. The house contains eight bedrooms including a wood-paneled living room and a particularly elegant staircase.

CAPTION: House owned by Jamie Oliver in North London SOURCE: Daily Mail

In 17th-century grade, the II-listed property was listed as having period features, beautiful garden, and stunning views, revealed in inside snaps of the stars latest edition to his property empire. His house has a beautiful interior finishing and coloring as well.