American Celebrity Chef Paula Deen's Net Worth in 2018; Know her Salary, Sources of Income, Earnings, House, Pets, and Lavish Lifestyle

Every business has an end to it, but, the ever-blooming business that never comes to an end is that of cookery. For cooking, one needs a cook, a chef to be exact. Likewise, the American Chef Paula Deen is also in a never-ending business line of cookery and has been able to collect a huge amount of net worth through it.


We are continually talking about the net worth of entertainment celebrities, but the earnings of a chef is seldom talked about. So, today, we will be talking about American celebrity chef Paula Deen's net worth. Also, scroll down to get to know all about her professional career and lifestyle.

Paula Deen's Net Worth

Being one of the famous chef and television hosts, no doubt Paula Deen’s net worth is more than a million. In fact, she can be called as one of the multi-millionaires. Source claim that Paula Deen's net worth is around $14 million in the year 2018.

CAPTION: Chef, Paula Deen SOURCE: Instagram

Yes, you all have heard it right! She has made the fortune of $14 million through her career. She has several restaurants in the US which she runs with her two sons. Her restaurant business has earned about $7 million of several merchandising deals with Wal-Mart, Home Depo, and Target Corp.

CAPTION: Chef, Paula Deen with her husband SOURCE: Instagram

Deen also has her own TV show called Paula’s home cooking which rounds up to $2.5 million a year. Apart from her restaurant business and TV show, she is also an author of several kitchen recipes books which is obviously earning a good sum.

Paula Deen's Lavish Lifestyle

We have already known about the earnings of chef Paula Deen. With all her earning, she obviously has been living luxuriously. Doesn’t she? Well, we will discuss her properties. So get ready to know it all.

Paula Deen’s house

Paula is a proud owner of Savannah home which is worth around $8.75 million after being reduced with $4 million. It is located alongside the Wilmington River. The house was built in style known as “French Caribbean.” The house is made in 2007 in an area of 14500 sq. feet in a cottage style. The house is two stories high with a big compound.

CAPTION: Paula Deen's Savannah home SOURCE: Observe

The house includes eight bedrooms, nine baths, two guest cottages, and eight-car garage. The most special thing about this house is the kitchen. The kitchen is made as it has the gourmet kitchen with a unique pantry.

CAPTION: Paula Deen's kitchen and dining room SOURCE: Pinterest

Paula Deen’s pet

The chef has a total of three pet dogs. One of them is the Shih Tzu which costs around $900-$2500 in the US market. The other one is a poodle and the last one; she owns a Terrier. Both of such dogs cost around $1000-$2000. 

CAPTION: Paula Deen's pet's SOURCE: Instagram

All in all, the American chef earns a hefty amount and is living a lavish way of life with her husband, two sons and the three pups.