American Chef Marcela Valladolid remarried with Fausto Gallardo and now pregnant

December 5, 2016
First published on:December 5, 2016
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Marcela Valladolid a famous cooking show star is well known for her culinary skills  as well as for being married to a Mexican politician Fausto Gallardo. 

On today's digest, we are addressing all of our kitchen show fans about their favorite host working for Food Network in a cooking series known as Mexican Made Easy. We will find out all about her married life and effects of her divorce rumor to the family.

The story behind their separation is not a well-discussed topic by the couple but when they re-entered into the old relationship once again the world could not stop talking about it. The remarried couple truly exemplifies that the weddings are all decided in heaven and there is no another true bond than the bond of love itself as the couple  was never rumored about being involved with another person within their years of separation.

Caption: Marcela Valladolid with her husband Fausto Gallardo on Mexican Made Easy

Valladolid has a unique story about her marriage with Gallardo, she married him and the couple got divorced and later on the couple again re-united with each other by renewing their vows once again and the mother of two children from Fausto is set to invite the third child in her family of four.So, without any further delay let's take a look at Marcela Valladolid's personal life and married life from this column of the article.

2009 to 2012 became years of agony for the couple

The marriage of chef Marcela Valladolid is believed to have happened somewhere before 2009 and by the end of 2009 Chef Valladolid was heading to a different path away from Fausto Gallardo's life but after three years of separation the couple re-married each other and are living happily now.



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The couple got remarried to each other in 2012 after the unsuccessful trial of trying to live separately from one another. Though some tabloid sites outcasted their divorce rumor which was later clarified to be false by the family.

Marcela Valladolid is four months pregnant

The couple already has two beautiful children. The family invited their first son in 2004 and the child was named Fausto and again later in April 2015 the family invited their first daughter as well.

And the chef is all set to invite the second daughter to the family sometimes soon in May. It looks like the family is in a great hurry to see all of their kids grow at once in front of their eyes.

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