Keith Tkachuk and his wife, Chantal live a very happy married life.

Former ice hockey player, Keith Tkachuk and his wife Chantal Oster who have been married for over eighteen years are very happy and content with their married life. Keith has said even after so many years since they married. He still feels the same amount of love and now even more.


He and Chantal have said their love is somewhat growing by the day and the year. They also have three children, Matthew, Braeden, and Taryn have also integrated themselves to Keith and Chantal’s happiness.

Keith and Chantal also have accepted this that their three children who are so wonderful might just be the reason for their evergreen love. Keith married his wife eighteen years back and hasn’t looked back ever since.

It has been rumored that Keith’s son Matthew has also begun showing serious interest in ice hockey. However, it is too early to determine if Matthew will be following in his father’s footsteps. For Keith, his family means the world to him and he has said this several times in the past.

As a professional, Keith is widely regarded as one of the greatest players to embrace the game who was born in the USA. He has one of the most impressive stats in the game.

He remains to be one of the few players who has scored over one thousand points and over five hundred goals.

His playing career spanned nineteen years where he played for four of the best teams in NHL. In his time, he was without a doubt the best power forward the game got to witness. His aggressive and never giving up a style of play earned him a huge fan base.

This easily went on to make him one of the most popular ice hockey players of his time. He was especially known for his ability to score goals when everyone seemed to be toiling to do so. In one of his season, he scored a record 52 goals. This made him the highest scorer that year.

Keith was inducted into the Ice Hockey hall of fame in 2012 for his contribution to the sport.

Currently, Keith is coaching his former teams St.Louis Blues Peewee AAA hockey team. Braeden, his son has already begun playing for the team. He is also known to love radio talk shows based on sports and has recently invested in the KFNS station.

It has been rumored that Keith’s future plans might be to coach at a higher level. Probably in the NHL. He has been known to have considered coaching as a career after his retirement.

But before he does so he wishes to garner more knowledge and information on the matter. Keith’s salary was estimated to be around $73 million. However, his net worth has been estimated close to somewhere around $50 million.

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