Reporter Molly McGrath dating NFL Defensive Player Alec Martinez, in Cloud 9 with New Boyfriend

Molly McGrath and Alec Martinez have found love in each other. The NFL reporter on FOX Molly McGrath is currently dating, Alec Martinez, the handsome NHL defensive player who currently plays for Los Angeles Kings. McGrath is a TV presenter and reporter for FOX Sports. Rumor has it that this extremely talented beauty aged 32 and the American professional Ice Hockey Player are very much in love with each other.

Their story of their love spread in the media when Alec started following her on Twitter. But the affair was not clear as Molly is a sports reporter who follows a number of other players and Alec also follows many other female reporters. But the news surfaced when Alec’s sister and Molly became friends on Facebook. As per the reports, both of them are really very good at keeping secrets. And the secrecy might for both of them as the affair between an athlete and a sports reporter does not often end well. Maybe McGrath and Martinez can learn a lesson from Boston Hero Jenny Dell and Red Sox Third Baseman Will Middlebrooks. Dell lost her job after publicly revealing her relationship with Midddlebrooks. The love between reporters and sports personality does not go very well.

The rumor about their relation became solid after McGrath posted a photo of her and Martinez hugging each other. Now that they have openly confessed their love, there is no doubt about their relationship status. Hot McGrath is dating her beau Martinez and they seem very happy together.

Everybody knows about McGrath’s love life but how many of you know about McGrath herself? Very few!!! So McGrath is the news update anchor on FOX Sports 1's AMERICA'S PREGAME and is a sideline reporter for college football on FOX and FOX Sports 1. She is working alongside play-by-play announcer Gus Johnson and analyst Charles Davis. She was a professional cheerleader and a four-year member of the Boston College cheerleading squad from 2007 to 2011. She also received the Athletic Director’s Award for Academic Excellence every year she was on campus in Chestnut Hill.

She has completed her bachelor’s degree in communications and broadcast journalism in 2011 from Boston College. McGrath enjoys traveling. Some of her favorite places to visit include Boston, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe and Napa Valley. Molly McGrath’s favorite shows include Scandal and Homeland. She loves reading books and her favorite includes Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

McGrath is also famous for her sexy and fit body. She has well-toned muscles and unlike other female celebrities she did not have to lose weight to gain a perfect body. She already has a perfectly slim body with great height and she is rocking her various tv shows inFOX sports with her beauty and talent.