vincent lecavalier and wife, Caroline, who have been married for 5 years getting a divorce?

2016 does not seem to be good for you if you are a celebrity couple. There is yet another celebrity split news. We are talking about Canadian professional ice hockey player Vincent Lecavalier and wife Caroline Portelance who have been married for the last five years.


Caroline and Vincent Divorce

Rumors are in the air that the sportsman and his wife have been living separately for the past few months. They have some kind of misunderstanding which has now reached its toughest part.

If rumors are to be believed, Caroline has found Vincent in a relationship outside marriage, which Vincent denies. However, the reason behind their misunderstanding has not been confirmed yet.

Rumors also suggest that the couple, who in past times could be seen together all the times, has started ignoring each other. Rumors claim that it has been going on for several months.

However, their split news is not confirmed yet. It is rumored that they are it the process but a fact-proof has not been achieved.

Caroline and Vincent Relationship 

Caroline and Vincent have been in a long-term relationship since before the two got married. The Wikipedia Site reveals that Lecavalier started dating Caroline in 2001.After knowing and cuddling each other for ten long years, the couple finally got married in 2011.

Caroline and Vincent have three children together: Victoria, Gabriel, and Amelia. Maybe Vincent is not able to give enough time to wife and children due to which misunderstandings prevailed.

Vincent Lecavalier Career 

Talking about Vincent Lecavalier, he is a Canadian Ice Hockey player and the member of Los Angeles Kings of National Hockey League (NHL).

He was the part of Team Canada's World Cup-winning team in September 2004. He has played in several national and international championship leagues and also succeeded in it. His net worth earnings are yet to be disclosed.

In April 2005, Vincent got a severe leg injury while playing with AK Kazan Bars of Russian League which required surgery. This accident became a hurdle to Vincent's career as he had to reject the invitation for Team Canada at IIHF World Hockey Championships.

Talking about Caroline Portelance she is an actress best known for her work on Wicker Park (2004), Maman Last Call (2005) and Danny in the Sky (2001).

But the actress is supposed to have been away from the limelight since her children were born. She usually follows a low profile life.

The couple Vincent and Caroline have spent around 15 years in a relationship (including relation before marriage).The had shared beautiful romantic life together. But this news of their split has shocked their fans.

However, the split news has not been confirmed. So Vincent fans relax, as the couple themselves have not confirmed their divorce.

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