Kanye West "attacked for presenting new Ideas" On Race And Slavery

Kanye West says he was “attacked for presenting new ideas on race and slavery but believes it was to free the people from mental imprisonment for another 400 years.


Kanye West comments have once again added hater when he talks about slavery during a sit-down with TMZ on May 1, 2018.  Starting from last month he has started reflecting the love for President Trump. In the interview, he said that it “sounds like a choice.”

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After the interview, he tweeted-

 According to the rapper he chose TMZ because he thought it would be awesome to share his plan with the universe. But a reporter of TMZ, Van Lathan addresses him “absence of thought.”

Explaining the statement he said, that Kanye was actually absence of his thoughts and that is why he purpose such opinions. He is entitled to believe what he makes in his mind which has consequences in real-life and world.

The reason why I brought up the 400 years point is because we can’t be mentally imprisoned for another 400 years. We need free thought now. Even the statement was an example of free thought. It was just an Idea,” West tweets to clarify his controversial comments on slavery.

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Before that he penned about race “we are programmed to always talk and fight race issues. We need to update our conversation."

In his numerous tweets, he attempts to crystal clear that whatever he thought was true enough to which made people around the globe disappointed with his unbelievable theory including Lathan.

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Further, he has lost several star and singer for supporting President Trump. Many fans have un-followed him and the process is in progress.