Teacher Bans Phones From Midterm So Student Brought Record Player To Listen Kanye West

April 12, 2018
First Published On: April 12, 2018

Teacher bans cell phones in their Physics Midterm exam but a student appeared with a record player and got cut bumping Kanye in his headphones.


Turns out new generation is turning craftier day by day.

An amazed school teacher named Eric Sauercracker took his Twitter to share that one of the school students was found clever enough to listen to Kanye West when the phone was restricted in a midterm exam.

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A post shared by Yeezus. (@privatekanye) on

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The teacher wrote “Students are taking their Physics Midterm exam today. I said no cell Phones, not even for music purpose so they can’t cheat in the exam but one was found with record player bumping Kanye music in his Headphones.”

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The funniest part was he was playing “Yeezy’s The College Dropout.” Looks like, he wants to drop out too.

Moreover, the Student arrived at the test unprepared. If he had work-out more with his books than how to listen West and end up bringing the record player, he will have done better in the physics test.