Celebrity Big Brother Stars: Brandi To Omarosa ‘You Have Sex With President Trump?’

Oops! Brandy Glanville asked Omarosa Manigault if she had ever slept with American President Donald Trump!


Brandy Glanville asked the question to Omarosa Manigault in the Friday Celebrity Big Brother episodes and everybody present in the situation was really curious if Omarosa ever slept with President Trump.

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The former political aide Omarosa replied “Hell no! of course not Branda, that’s horrible”. But that was not the end to the answer. She added “someone is the White House is sleeping around with everybody.”

Glanville made a followed up question that she heard about it when she was in The Apprentice season but forgot who told her about it. Further Glanville, someone told it was one of The Apprentice celebrities but didn’t take Omarosa name.

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Omarosa went to work under Trump administration as a director of communication in January 2017 after appearing in the first season of The Apprentice under Trump in 2004. In December 2017 she resigned from her post.

Omarosa is making the wave since she enters into the CBS Big Brother show. In 8’ season of reality show, Omarosa came to light when she claimed to her room partner Ross Mathews that she was being haunted by the Trumps Tweet.

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