How much net worth does Hallie Jackson have? Know her Salary and career as correspondent

Hallie Jackson serves NBC News’ as a correspondent and an anchor for its cable division, ‘MSNBC’. Her work has made her go super famous and she has been earning a huge amount of money as a correspondent and an anchor.


Furthermore, Hallie’s net worth and salary have reached for the sky with her career as a journalist. As her hearing is more than we assume many of Hallie Jackson fans wants to know about her Net-Worth and career. So here we have some information regarding her professional life

Hallie Jackson's Net Worth and Salary

Hallie’s work has been once considered as one of the best in the whole United States. And with her determination towards work, she has made her net worth and salary so high that it is beyond our reach for now.

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According to sources, Hallie Jackson's net worth hits 7 figures and her salary is above what most people earn as a correspondent. So, you can guess that she is already a millionaire by now.

Hallie JacksonHallie Jackson     Source: starsbrasize

According to a source, NBC anchors receives an annual average salary of $70K. She, however, one of the old and experienced employees of the NBC, Hallie Jackson's net worth might over $1 million.

Hallie Jackson's Career

Prior to everything, she started off at WBOC-TV in Delaware. In 2006, she departed from the station and joined WFSB in Connecticut and New Haven. Later, she was led to ‘Heart Corporation’ in 2012 where she reported for 26 of their stations from Washington, D.C.

Hallie reporting a car crashHallie reporting a car crash     Source: media2.s

It was the year 2014 when she served NBC News as a reporter and a Journalist; where she covered the "Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign". After that, she began anchoring the 1 P.M. ‘Entertainment Tonight’ at MSNBC Live (NBC News daytime coverage platform).

Hallie Jackson Source: cdn.newsbusters

Hallie Jackson's Car

It looks like Hallie possesses a red 2015 convertible Chevrolet Camaro worth $40,000-$70,000. And from some pictures Jackson has shared, it appears as though she loves old pickup trucks.

2015 Convertible Chevrolet Camaro2015 Convertible Chevrolet Camaro     Source: Facebook

About 84 weeks ago, Hallie shared a picture on Instagram of a ‘1963 Pick-up Truck’ stating that she would own it one day and that it is her dream to ride on one of those. You can see it for yourself. Now, when earns so much, don’t you think she has already bought that thing?

'1963 Pick-up Truck''1963 Pick-up Truck'     Source: Instagram

Hallie Jackson's Ring

Hallie is married to a guy named ‘Doug Jackner and she possesses a huge diamond ring. We didn’t really find much of a picture, but here you go. You can see the big rock on her finger, right!!

And as indicated by a diamond registry, diamond rings might cost us in between $3,080 to $26,950 per carat and by the look of the picture, it is no ordinary ring.

Source:Source: Instagram

It's pretty sure it’s an expensive one. This is all about Hallie Jackson Salary and career as a correspondent. Soon we will be back with some information regarding  other celebs personal life

Ten Facts about Hallie Jackson

1. Hallie Jackson's full name is Hallie Marie Jackson.
2. Hallie Jackson was born on April 29, 1984, and is 34 years old.
3. Hallie Jackson was born in Yardley, Pennsylvania, United States.
4. Hallie Jackson started her professional journalism career in 2006.
5. Hallie Jackson's net worth is around $1 million.
6. Hallie Jackson's salary is around $201,000.
7. Hallie Jackson married Doug Hitchner in 2011.
8. Hallie Jackson's hair color is Dark Brown.
9. Hallie Jackson's eye color is Dark Brown.
10. Hallie Jackson is 5 feet 6 inches tall.