NBC correspondent Hallie Jackson keeps her Married Life a secret, Who is her Husband?

When a person get enlisted in the list of the sexiest star, then automatically people start thinking about her personal life that includes their dating and relationship details. In the same way, people are surfing around to know about Hallie Jackson's married life and her personal details.


The various questions arise regarding her relationship status and much other personal information. Since Hallie Jackson has now been enlisted in the sexiest television star list, people are addressing whether she is married or not. Today, here we will be disclosing whether she is married or not. Check it out.

NBC Correspondent Hallie Jackson Married

Everyone might be familiar that Hallie Jackson is already married and reserved. This is really a heartbreaking moment for her fans, isn't it? It's true! Even though it is hidden for a few moments, the truth comes out one day, today or tomorrow. Ok, now let's go directly to the topic.

Hallie Jackson is married to her high school sweetheart Doug Jackner. Actually, her love life has never been talked in the media or ever guessed. After a couple of years of dating, the couple got engaged in May 2010.

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Hallie Jackson

Hallie Jackson  Source: pinimg

She also did not disclose her engagement news with the media. There were rumors of her that she is engaged but she just didn't speak up anything. But things got clear when she was spotted wearing a beautiful ring on her ring finger.

She had the ring in around May 2010 which made everyone curious about her engagement.

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Ring on Hallie Jackson's ring finger Ring on Hallie Jackson's ring finger Source: pinterest.com

Back to the topic; the couple tied the knot after being engaged for a year. The couple said "I do" in around September- October 2011.

Their wedding was held in Perkasie, Pennsylvania in Bucks Country. As per some reports, only family members and close friends got a chance to attend their special day.

Hallie Jackson has always been too much secretive about her personal information. She did not reveal anything about her husband. But wait, we do have some pictures of their wedding ceremony and their quality time with the friends. Check it out.

Hallie Jackson and Dough Jackner with their friends Hallie Jackson and Dough Jackner with their friend's     Source: CELEBLIVEUPDATE

Going through her official Instagram account, we did not find any pictures of her with her husband. As per some reports, she is the mother of two daughters but she did not speak up anything on this particular news.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Hiding every personal detail behind the curtain, Hallie Jackson is successfully balancing her personal as well as professional life. For more updates on her, keep coming back to Hitberry.