Hollywood Actor Ashton Kutcher's Net Worth; Know his Investments, Movies, Earnings, Salary, Houses, Companies, and More!

May 11, 2018
First Published On: May 11, 2018

The American actor and investor, Christopher Ashton Kutcher, who is married twice till now is enjoying his married life with Mila Kunis after his divorce with Demi Moore. He looks to have a great personal life, but what about his professional life? Has he been able to earn fame and added a lot to his total net worth? 


As we have already stated that Ashton is married to his wife, Mila Kunis, he seems to be really happy with her. Likewise, when we look at the professional life of the actor, we didn't find anything wrong as he has been having the same kind of fate in his career too. Today, we are going to talk about the professional life earnings of the Two and a Half Men actor, Ashton Kutcher. So, let's jump right in. 

Ashton Kutcher's Net Worth

The 40 years' old actor, Ashton Kutcher's net worth is around $200 million as per some tabloids, but other tabloids also suggest that he has a total of $140 million. While others have a conflict on his total net worth, another tabloid's calculation of Ashton's net worth reached $160 million back in 2016.

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CAPTION: Ashton Kutcher SOURCE: Instagram

As we all know that Ashton is an actor, he earns most of his earnings from his movies, but as he is also really good at investing, he has earned a ton from his business. His career started in 1998 after he was cast in the Fox's Sitcom That '70s Show as Michael Kelso. Later, he was seen in his debut film, Coming Soon in 1999. And after that, he has been on the rise ever since.

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For his role as Walden Schmidt on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, he received a salary of $750 thousand per episode. In 2011, he signed a one year contract with the same series for about $20 million. 

YouTube: Ashton Kutcher in Two and a Half Men

Besides that, he has also been seen in a number of movies and TV shows as its producer. Some of his produced movies are The Butterfly Effect, Punk'd, The Beautiful Lie and Forever Young

Ashton Kutcher's Investments

Beyond entertainment, Ashton Kutcher also likes to be in the field of capitalism as he is known to the world as a venture capitalist. He has invested in a number of high tech startups and had investments in over 60 companies. 

Investments in 2010

In March 2010, he invested a total of $1.2 million at Optimizely, a website optimization platform. Similarly, in the July of the same year, he also invested a total of $10.5 million at Flipboard, a social media magazine app.

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CAPTION: Ashton Kutcher's investment in Flipboard SOURCE: Twitter

Some months later, he again put his money ($1 million) on a travel website and app called Hipmunk. Before the end of 2010, he again put a whopping $2.5 million at a private social network site called Path along with other 28 participants. 

Investments in 2011

Similarly, he didn't stop his investment in 2011 too. During the first month of 2011, he invested in a total of three different companies. He invested $3.25 million at the Chloe & Isabel company. The company was a tech-focused jewelry shop selling through the internet.

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CAPTION: Ashton Kutcher's investment in Chloe & Isabel SOURCE: Your Income Advisor

In the same month, he invested a total of $1.5 million at the Tinychat app, an in-browser audio video chat application along with other seven capitalists. Likewise, his third investment in January came alongside 14 participants, at the Curcle Inc. He put a total of $1 million in the company. 

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CAPTION: Ashton Kutcher's investment in Tinychat app SOURCE: App Advice

In the third month of 2011, he again put his money to good use. He invested at Zaarly; a marketplace focused primarily on the buyers. He invested $1 million into the company. In April, he again invested $50 million in the social media magazine, Flipboard. Later, in the same month, he again financed a mobile app developing company, Milk with $1.5 million. 

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CAPTION: Ashton Kutcher's investment in Zaarly SOURCE: Xconomy

In May, he plowed money worth $1.6 million into a social dining service provider called Grubwithus. Similarly, in July, he had $700 thousand invested at the Style Seat company. The company dealt with beauty and wellness. Similarly, one of his most famous investments, Airbnb. He put up a total of $112 million funds for the company alongside other 6 participants. Likewise, he also has his cash transferred to MemSQL, Blekko, Fab, and Duolingo as an investment. The cash invested for the four companies totaled to a sum of around $17.2 million.  

Investment in 2012

After a year, in 2012, Ashton was still investing in the top-tier companies. The first month saw his financing in the company called the Gidsy. He raised over $1.2 million for the company along with other 4 participants. Similarly, in February, he pulled up $750 thousand for a voter network called Votizen. In September, another company known as Your Mechanic saw $1.8 million thanks to him and other 11 capitalists. 

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CAPTION: Ashton Kutcher's investment in Votizen SOURCE: Instagram

In October, Kutcher had his money invested in some organizations such as Summly, Clever, and Black Jet. In Summy, he invested $1.23 million. Similarly, in Clever, he plowed $3 million. And, as for Black Jet, he used up $2.14 million of his total net worth. During the November of 2012, the actor was again seen investing in the Airbnb company. He again summed a total of $200 million for the company alongside six other partners. 

Investment in 2013 

An enthusiast in the investing field, Ashton Kutcher didn't back out from using up his cash in the slowly rising companies. In the first month of 2013, he collected $510 thousand for Bitpay. A couple of months later, he paid $700 thousand and $2 million for two companies, one a shopping app, The Hunt, and the other, a payment system, Balanced. 

CAPTION: Ashton Kutcher's investment in Bitpay SOURCE: Twitter

During the mid months of the year, Kutcher was seen funding the next generation of texting company, Invi. During the same months, he also invested $1.25 million in Propeller a drag and dropped mobile app. Later, in August, he was seen investing $6 million at the InteraXon company along with five other members as each of them paid a million dollars each for the project. During October and November of 2013, he invested $4 million at the Panorama Education, a data analytics company. 

The actor was again seen collecting up cash to invest at the Balanced and The Hunt companies. On October 29, 2013, he was also announced as a product engineer for the technology giant, Lenovo. 

CAPTION: Ashton Kutcher as an engineer for Lenovo SOURCE: Business Insider

Investment in 2014  and beyond

It was January 2014, when Ashton Kutcher decided to collect $2.250 million from 16 participants and invest it in an on-demand laundry service company, Washio. Later, that year, he again collected $8.6 million for investment purposes at the Secret. Similarly, in March, 14 participants alongside Ashton funded the artificial intelligence company, Vicarious paying $40 million in total. 

CAPTION: Ashton Kutcher's investment in Vicarious SOURCE: Venture Capital Post

After 2014, he has invested in quite a couple of prominent companies such as Skype, Foursquare, Path, and Fab.com. As of 2017, he has invested in five new startups, Neighbourly, Zenreach, Research Gate, Kopari Beauty, and Lemonade. He is also the co-founder of the venture capital firm, A-Grade Investments. 

CAPTION: Ashton Kutcher's investment in Fab.com SOURCE: Fab.com

Apart from that, he also owns several restaurant chains such as Dolce, and Geisha House. Unfortunately, the Geisha House ran out of business. Kutcher is also a Chairman of the Board at the digital media company based in the New York City, A Plus. 

Ashton Kutcher's Houses

As Ashton Kutcher earns a lot of cash from his investments and TV roles, he is certain to maintain a high quality of life. He, along with his wife, Mila Kunis, has bought $10 million Vacation home in Santa Barbara, California.

The classic home has expansive windows with six bedrooms and six bathrooms. The house boasts in a 3,100 square foot of area. 

CAPTION: Ashton Kutcher's Santa Barbara house SOURCE: Architecture Digest

The couple, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, lives in their 7351 square foot Beverly Hills home some 90 miles south of Santa Barbara. This property was purchased in 2014 for about $10.215 million

CAPTION: Ashton Kutcher's Beverly Hills home SOURCE: LA Times

For his shift to the Beverly Hills, he listed his Hollywood Hills home for a whopping $12 million. The house is made on 9385 square foot of area and has the amenities such as an infinity pool, open fire pits, and views of the Hollywood sign. The house has its gym, a sauna, a wine cellar, and its elevator. Later, the house was sold for nearly $10 million. 

Top 10 Facts of Ashton Kutcher

1. Ashton Kutcher was born on February 7, 1978, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, US. 
2. He is currently married to fellow actor Mila Kunis after divorcing Demi Moore. 
3. Ashton Kutcher's net worth is around $200 million. 
4. His career started in 1998 with his cast in That '70s Show. 
5. During college days, Kutcher was kicked out of his apartment for being too wild and noisy. 
6. Kutcher has investments in more than 60 companies. 
7. He also has a DNA Foundation, Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children to address children's sexual exploitation. 
8. He was involved in widespread criticism of South Asian discrimination for his Popchips ad campaign. 
9. He is a practitioner of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Rigan Machado. 
10. Ashton Kutcher was also the first Twitter user to reach more than a million followers.