Former Tennis player Lindsay Davenport, and husband Jonathan Leach getting a divorce??

Is the marriage between former tennis player Lindsay Davenport and her husband Jonathan Leach in a state of crisis?

Reports claim that Lindsay Davenport recently admitted that her life with Jonathan Leach was far from a fairy tale, and that this sports couple have problems in their relationship. The 39 year old former player spoke about their relationship to our close sources.

Over the last few months, a possible divorce between the two stars has often been spoken of. Citing a previous report from sources, it has been claimed that one of the most stable marriages in sports field might soon come to an end.

A source close to the famous couple revealed that they will soon start the paper works to make things official. The reason behind their separation is that Leach, allegedly, can no longer withstand the pressure and control Lindsay has on him.

The insider further revealed that Lindsay had controlled Leach from day one of their relationship. Although he liked her taking charge at first, he has come to resent the power it has allowed her to have over him."

Sources have also revealed that the former player has a eating disorder, which is causing her physical weaknesses.

Leach allegedly tried for months to help his wife, and he is at the end of his rope. He told her if she doesn't change, he’s leaving and taking the kids with him.”

What rumors says about Lindsay's relation

The rumor mills also say that the couple is avoiding each other at the moment.

This is not the first time the couple is facing down divorce allegations. Reports claim that last year the couple had a heated argument on personal issues, which eventually heated divorce headlines.

However, insiders blame not only the autonomous behavior of Lindsay .They also blamed Leach's alcoholic habits for their relationship meltdown.

A source close to the couple revealed that Leach is often out of the house claiming he has certain business projects. They report," Leach is hardly around. He comes home for a little, and then has to jet off to another project.”

The couple has been married since thirteen years. They have four children altogether: Jagger, Lauren, Kaya and Haven and they have their fourth child with them.

Both of them were professional tennis player and coach in the past and are now living a retired life. However, Jonathan is an investment banker for the famous American corporate service organization, Morgan Stanley.

Initially, they had been working in their relationship with co-operation, but things ultimately changed in the last few years.

If the couple really splits, it will be a nightmare for their children, especially daughter Haven, who is just four years old.

We certainly hope Lindsay and her husband Jonathan are able to work out their differences and stay together as we love this power couple.

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