Aussie tennis player Marinko Matosevic sparked a furore over his 'female coach' comments, Insisted he is not sexist

Tennis is indeed a popular game. But not everyone who pursues a professional career in the sports is successful and popular. Australia’s top tennis pro Marinko Matosevic seems to fit into the latter category and is on his way to wider fame and success. However this young athlete grabbed much media attention last year not for his performances, but for all the wrong reasons.  

The 29 year old tennis player came under fire for his “sexist” comments on British tennis star Andy Murray’s decision to hire a female coach.  Matosevic said he ‘did not highly think of women’s game’ and even said he would never follow Murray, who hired former world No. 1 female tennis star Amelie Mauresmo as his coach.

His remarks sparked the criticism from all quarters and even overshadowed his big wins. The comments were shocking enough and more was shocking given that the best Matosevic has actually managed is a decent ATP ranking of 39 back in 2013. The Aussie player currently ranks in World no. 150 position in the ATP rankings.

However, he later on went on to insist his criticism of women's tennis doesn't mean he is sexist.

Even though he is not one of the elites, Matosevic has had some great matches defeating the likes of Tsonga, John Isner, Raonic and Nikolay Dayydenko. These wins surely lifts some weight of his so-so tennis career. He has also managed to win some low-level trophies which includes the 2012 Caloundra Challenger Cup, 2010 Calabasas Challenger Cup and 200 Australia F2 ITF Cup. He definitely fits in the description of Austalia’s least known top tennis player. His predecessors certainly generated a lot more fanfare than him.

After recently losing at the Wimbledon’s against Britain’s Liam Broady, Marinko must be practicing a lot for his next tournament. His personal life is a mystery to many and her love life remains unknown. It was rumoured that he was dating a fellow Australian but whereabouts of her potential girlfriend remains a mystery. Marinko definitely needs to hone his social networking skills if he wants to be recognised in the eyes of the public.

Standing at the tall height of 6ft 4 in, the Bosnia born right handed tennis player is not so good at social media’s. The guy apparently has only 60 followers on twitter. Must be due to his sexist comment last year!

Now at the age of 29, lady luck is definitely not in his side as his age is considered a peak for many engaged in this profession. His recent loss at Wimbledon is not a good sign for a player once considered best in Australia. A lover of Italian and Greek food, it would be exciting to see him reach the peak of his tennis career at this stage. The chances, however, seem slim. But hey, our best wishes remain with him!