Why is Former Tennis star Chris Evert still single despite being married 3 times to 3 different husbands?

Former tennis star Chris Evert is still single. Even though she has been married 3 times, none of her marriages have worked out. We wonder what might be the reason for this!

Evert was a terrific tennis player who led a very busy life. It could be that she could not make time for her family. But that is just speculation. So, let’s find out what the real reason might be why none of her marriages have worked out.

Evert got married to her first husband John Llyod, a British tennis player, in 1979. Then, shortly after, she had an affair with British singer and actor, Adam Faith. This obviously caused a lot of problem in her marriage and they separated. They reconciled again but ultimately got divorced in 1987. Their marriage is chronicled in the biography ‘Llyod and Llyod’.

She again got married in 1988 to two-time Olympic downhill skier, Andy Mill. They had 3 children together – Alexander, Nicholas and Colton, whom they both love. Evert’s marriage to Mill was somewhat stable and their union lasted for 18 years. They seemed happy and very much settled together. But sadly, they decided to end their marriage and got a divorce in 2006.

Then in 2008, the talented tennis star married her third husband, Australian Golfer, Greg Norman. Their relationship lasted only for 15 months after which they decided to part ways and got divorced in 2009. Their separation was rather nasty. There were speculations that this couple was doomed from the beginning. Norman’s sister said in an interview that Evert was controlling and dominating. She added that their marriage ended because Evert couldn’t handle Norman’s higher profile.

Evert has also commented on how her marriage fell apart with Norman. She said that the best part about Norman was his parents. She has also added that she was “shell shocked” that their marriage fell apart. In fact, she made a lot of similar public comments about her husband in the media.

Then her husband’s sister decided to defend her brother and revealed that it was Evert who was finding it difficult to adjust to her husband.

Evert, age 60, was born in Florida. She stands tall at the height of 1.68 meters. She started playing at a very young age with her father, Jimmy Evert, as a tennis coach. She later went on to become the top tennis player in the world. She started playing pro- tennis from 1972 and retired in 1989. Within these years, she won many tournaments.

Evert is quite active in the social media. She uses Twitter and Instagram regularly. She has 131k followers on her twitter page and more than 19 thousand fans on her Instagram page. She stays connected to her fans through these sites.