Five Interesting Facts about Dwayne Johnson, wife, The Rock, football, wrestler

Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock is a Canadian-American actor and professional wrestler. Johnson gained popularity in the world of Wrestling Federation (WWE) from the year 1996 to 2004 as the main figure in the company of Attitude Era. Here are five interesting facts you might not know about Dwayne Johnson.

One of the professional wrestlers of all time, Dwayne Johnson is scoring bigger and bladder roles every year. So without any delay let’s take a look at some interesting five facts about The Rock- Dwayne Johnson.

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Five facts about Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”

Dwayne Johnson was born on 2 May 1972 in California as Dwayne Douglas Johnson. He is the son of a professional wrestler, Rocky Johnson. His maternal grandfather, Peter Mivia was also a wrestler whereas his grandmother, Lia Maivia was one of Wrestling’s Few female promoters. Dwayne Johnson made his WWF debut as Rocky Maivia as his real name was acknowledge by the announcer.

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Dwayne Johnson- Wanted to be pro football player

Dwayne used to play football since college time. Moreover, he was a college football player and has won a national championship on 1991 Miami Hurricanes team. As his dream was to be a pro football player but sometimes its hard to fulfill your dream.

[ CAPTION: Dwayne Johnson originally wanted to be a pro football p ][ SOURCE: Mashable ]

Well, Dwayne became a professional wrestler- The Rock, he played defensive lineman in 1991 on National Championship team. As per ESPN, Johnson was a good player but later on, he was replaced by Warren Sapp.

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Dwayne Johnson- Youngest WWE world champion

Dwayne was one of the youngest WWE world champions. When he was just 26 years old, he won the WWF championship in 1998. He went winning six WWF Championship before he was 30 years-old. At first, his wins made him the youngest WWE World Champion until Brock Lensar won the title in 2002. 

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Although the title was given to The Rock he was not the youngest champion ever at the time. According to Bleacher Report, WWF didn’t want to publicize that their large sumo wrestler was a very young kid.

Dwayne Johnson- Character in Fast and Furious created after a fan suggestion

In reality, the role of Luke Hoobs in Fast and Furious was written for Tommy Lee James, not for Dwayne Johnson. The character, Luke Hobbs was introduced in Fast and Furious was supposed to be the difficult character and was written as gruff.

[ CAPTION: Dwayne Johnson ][ SOURCE: CinemaBlend ]

When Vin Diesel observed fan’s comments and suggestion on Facebook, the fans suggested that Diesel and Johnson should share some screen time with a new idea and Diesel convinced director to cast Dwayne and after that, a new character was created.

Dwayne Johnson- Involved in a gang as a teenager

While growing up in Hawaii, Dwayne was in a gang. He was arrested 8 or 9 times after he was involved in a theft ring. When Dwayne was 14 years old, he was evicted from his apartment as he turned to crime becoming a part of a group who targeted tourist.

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During an interview with Muscle and Fitness magazine, he said:

"There are a lot of tourists that come into Waikiki and there's a lot of money. A lot of foreign money that comes in, and we were part of a theft ring that would target those groups. We would target the money, we would target the high-end clothes and we would target the jewelry - turn around and sell it, best we could."

Dwayne Johnson- Almost played the live-action version of Johnny Bravo

After Dwayne started his acting career, rumors started taking surface about Dwayne Johnson leading a potential live-action feature based on the Cartoon Network series, Johnny Bravo. The rumor was first broke out by Vanity Fair in 2002. The picture purchased the film right from the CN series.

[ CAPTION: Dwayne Johnson almost play The Live Action Version of J ][ SOURCE: CinemaBlend ]

One of the producers of the film teased that it was The Rock was fandom of Johnny Bravo who desire to see it as a feature which promoted Warner Bros to go after the property, and soon the rumors died and nothing came of a Johnny Bravo movie.

So today we have brought you one interesting fact as a bonus for you. Here is it.

Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian- One of the amazing Couple

Dwayne met his girlfriend in 2006 when he was filming the movie The Game Plan. At the time he met Lauren Hashian, he was still married to his former wife and he started dating her soon after his divorce with his wife in 2007.

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Dwayne and Hashian know as an amazing couple who have been living a happy married life since 2007. They together have a daughter- Jasmin in 2016. Dwayne also has a daughter Simone with his ex-wife Dany Garcia.