Dany Garcia and ex-husband Dwayne Johnson are business partners, The former couple got divorced in 2007 and have a daughter together

HitBerryPublished on   15 Jul, 2015Updated on   17 May, 2021

Hollywood is a strange place. It is a pit hole where people are ready to jump for the sake of fame and money. Romance, hook-ups, break-ups, fairy tale weddings and nasty divorces are very simple, normal aspects of this place. It might sound weird to regular people like us but for the all-famous celebrities, these things are frequent and normal.

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock’s life has also been through various “Hollywoody” ups and downs. This former world wrestling champion and actor spilt with his longtime wife Dany Garcia in 2007 and he is currently dating, hot girl Lauren Hashian. But the surprising thing is that, despite the separation and divorce the wrestler-turned-actor still has a very smooth relationship with his former wife. Gracia is presently her ex husband’s manager and they have been very close friends since their divorce. They got married in 1997.

These two exes are unlike any other divorced Hollywood couple who don’t even look at each other’s face after the feud. Johnson and Garcia are more like best friends. She is the manager and business partner of her ex husband. The former body builder is the one responsible for overall management of his finances and business deals. She is one strong woman who is not only handling the businesses but also taking care of Johnson and her daughter, Simone Alexandra. It is all thanks to this charismatic woman that Johnson is so much in demand in movies.

She and Johnson together run a Florida based production company called 7 Bucks Productions. The 7 Bucks name comes from the amount of money he had in his pocket before he started wrestling.  The company has produced numerous TV series, HBO show with Mark Wahlberg called Ballers being the most recent one. Johnson plays an athlete working to become an agent. Johnson is very busy promoting Ballers in his Twitter and Instagram.

 “I’m happy to say we’re all together working nicely, but it took a lot of work. With Dany, it was going through the sludge of divorce and then having the clarity to say, ‘We’re still friends, we respect each other, let’s do business. And let’s do big business.’,” says the 6.5 ft. tall actor.

These two seem really very cool with each other as Garcia’s present husband Dave Rienzi is “The Rock’s” conditioning coach. In fact, they’re so cool that, on May, Gracia and Johnson attended his hand and footprint ceremony with his gorgeous girlfriend Lauren Hashian. The three even clicked pictures together while the 43 year old hot property showed off his sexy girlfriend at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.  Amazing, isn’t it?

It is clear that this divorced couple do not keep any grudge and hard feelings against each other as Garcia once helped Johnson come out of the depression after their divorce.

Garcia in an interview with People magazine said, "He has a strong sense of family. We have that extra layer of trust that can only come from family. We are just a different family, and we keep adding people."

Reports say that they even celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together for the sake of their daughter.