Five Facts you need to know about Lester Holt

You may recognize Lester Holt form the various news program in NBC. If not then let us tell you that he is an American journalist and is the news anchor for NBC Nightly News. Today we present five interesting facts in detail about Lester Holt’s personal as well as professional life.


At the very young age, Lester knew that he was meant for a career in broadcasting and journalism. And when he was 16 years old, he got a chance to do a voiceover for the commercial. So how did he got that chance? If you are interested to know in detail, then check out these five interesting facts about the LIGHTNING BOLT HOLT- Lester Holt.

Five Facts You Need to Know About Lester Holt

Lester Holt was born on March 8, 1959, in Marine County, California. He completed his graduation from Cordova High School. Though he majored in government at California State University he never graduated.

5. Lester Holt- Loved JOURNALISM

Lester was so ambitious to build his career in the field of Journalism that he talked his way at Sacramento television station KCRA in his high school. He ingratiated himself with the news team and occasionally did voiceovers for commercial and ultimately convinced producers to let him shoot a news segment when he was just 16 years old.

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4. Lester Holt- Known as “Lightning Bolt Holt”

Lester earned the nickname-"Lightning Bolt Holt” for being one of the first non-emergency responder on the scene for accidents. His KRAK-issued Jeep Cherokee had a police scanner that allows him to arrive in time to get the scoops.

CAPTION: Lester Holt- Known as “Lightning Bolt Holt”

Holt’s passion for the news even took the first priority over his education and later he drops out of Sacramento State University in order to take a job with KCBS radio.

3. Lester Holt- Spent 14 years as a local News Anchor

In the year 1986, Lester accepted an offer from Chicago’s WBBM-TV, to be an anchor for the nightly news caste. His arrival came on the heels of former anchor Harry Porterfield's exit. 

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Harry was only black anchor seen in the daily news so his dismissal was protested by Jesse Jackon. And after that, Lester settled into a 14-years tenure at WBBM before he moved to MSNBC in the year 2000.

2. Lester Holt- Once called “Scud Stud”

In the year, 2000, when Lester covered the contested presidential election, Lester helped the network, MSNBC rating increase by 21%, with an audience of 407%. At that time- Entertainment Weekly named Lester Holt as the Scud Stud of the Electoral College crisis.

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CAPTION: Lester Holt- Once called “Scud Stud”

Holt and nicknames go pretty well. His co-workers called him- Iron pants for his ability to remain focused and vigilant.

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1. Lester Holt- Can identify plane by listening to them

It’s a true fact that Lester can identify planes just be hearing them. Well, it’s because of his father who was in the Air Force. Lester even has a formidable knowledge of planes.

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CAPTION: Lester Holt- Can identify plane by listening to them

In an interview with Parade, Lester told that he can sit and hear a plane go over and can say that is probably an A320. He even can tell what kind of engine it has.

These are the five interesting facts that we collected about your favorite reporter Iron Pants Holt, keep visiting hotberry for more.