MSNBC's Willie Geist and Wife Christina Geist, Married For 13 Years Celebrate their Anniversary

William Russel Giest – mostly known as Willie Giest is a well known TV personality who works as a journalist, author as well as a humorist. He is one of the co-anchors of MSNBC’s morning show “Morning Joe” along with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzerinski. Since April 2016, Willie started to solo host Weekend Today.

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Just how his professional life seems interesting, his personal life is full of love and romance. His private life makes us go “Aww” and in fact proves us that “relationship goals” are for real!

Willie Giest and Christina Sharkey's relationship: where it all started

Apparently, Illinois born Willie and Christina were dating one another during their school days. When Christina was barely 11 years old, they met co-incidentally – Willie was new in town and he spotted her. However, in the start, she laid her eyes on the dimple boy Mark Kossick, Willie’s friend.

 According to Daily News, even though they met when Christina was 11, they remained friends until 9th grade. The couple was together in their good and bad days – during their mischief and solemnity. The couple dated one another until they tied the knot after 16 long years!


Willie and Christina : On-off Relationship

Just as any young couple, the duo also had their own interests and differences. While William wanted to join Vanderbilt University for his higher education, Christina opted for University of Virginia. In the end, the wifey joined her future husband to Vanderbilt.

The couple had been dating for six years and were barely 20, they decided to meet other people and moved on after graduation. Everything came back on track during Christmas – Year 2000. Willie (who always takes the first step), visited her house on the glorious occasion and expressed his feelings about how he wanted to be together with her. Since then, there’s been no looking back.

William and Christina Geist – Wedding Ceremony

Mr. Geist proposed to Christina in the cutest way ever! In 2002, he proposed to her in the homeroom they once shared with one another during their middle school days.

The couple, whom were both 28-years-old, married on May 24, 2003 at an old Spanish Church in Puerto Rico. According to New York Times, the wedding reception was already planned to be held at Candelero Resort – the same resort where maximum guests had made their reservations at, their plan failed since word spread that apparently the resort was bankrupt.

Willie and Christina's first Limo ride right after they completed their wedding ceremony

Willie and Christina's first Limo ride right after they completed their wedding ceremony

But obviously a simple inconvenience didn’t bother the couple.When there is a will, there is a way. The couple managed to complete their wedding reception in Puerto Rico itself. At the end of their marriage ceremony, around 200 guests who witnesses the wedding, presented them with a standing ovation to celebrate their 16 years of togetherness and for many more years to come.

Willie Geist - Net Worth, Salary, and Careeer

The couple has two children together, a 9 year old daughter named Lucie and a 7 year old son named George.

Entrepreneur Christina and Anchor Willie’s 13th Anniversary

Christina, who currently works as a Brand Strategist and an Author, took the opportunity of her 13th marriage anniversary to post a beautiful grayscale wedding picture of the couple walking down the aisle.

And how lovely a women feels when her husband pours a drink- just for her? Ecstatic right? Thats what this handsome hunk prepared for his beau.

The couple really are made for each other. Christina being a supporting wife, tweeted her fans to watch Sunday Today hosted by her husband Willie.