Five Facts you need to know about Beth Chapman

January 25, 2018
First Published On: January 25, 2018

An American politician from Alabama, Beth Killough Chapman, is better known as Beth Chapman. She also served as the state's 51st secretary. But this politician, Beth is highly recognized as the wife, Duane Chapman. Here are five facts interesting facts about Beth Chapman.

Beth was the first woman who served as Appointments Secretary in the Cabinet of Governor Fob James. And talking about the exciting facts, she became a licensed bondsman in the entire state of Colorado at the age of 21. Without any delay let's know five facts about the reality star, Beth Chapman.

Five facts you need to know about Beth Chapman

Beth Chapman was born on April 6, 1962, in Greenville, Alabama. She earned B.S from Dale Academy and B.S from the University of Alabama located in Birmingham. From the year 1995 to 1966, she served as an Appointment Secretary and is the first woman to serve in that post.

Beth Chapman- Has Throat Cancer

Back in 2017, Beth Chapman revealed that she was diagnosed with throat cancer after suffering from a cough. She wrote in Us Weekly:

As most of you know I’ve spent a lifetime facing tests and challenges I didn’t see coming and certainly never expected. I’ve been dealt my share of unexpected blows over the course of my almost fifty years but nothing as serious as the one I heard from my doctors two weeks ago when they uttered those dreaded three words, ‘You have cancer.

She added:

After months of a nagging cough, a routine checkup resulted in a diagnosis of stage II throat cancer. I have what is referred to as a T2 Tumor in my throat that is blocking my breathing. My doctors are suggesting immediate treatment and surgery before the disease progresses.

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On 29 November 2017, it was revealed that Dog The Bounty Hunter's wife- Beth Chapman is now cancer-free.

Beth Chapman- Worked as The State Auditor

Between the year 2003 and 2007, Beth worked as the State Auditor of Alabama. And in the year 2006, she was chosen as the secretary of the state and was supposed to be the candidate for the Governor of Alabama. It was sure that she would win the election held in 2010.

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Beth Chapman- Weight Loss

Everyone has been shocked because of her drastic weight loss. When Beth was asked that her weight loss plans, then she said the key to losing her weight is self-discipline. She added that she worked out instead of watching television and she followed a diet of cereals instead of consuming Chinese food.

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Beth Chapman- Worked on a show 'Dog and Beth: On the Hunts'

At present, Beth is working on a show Dog and Beth: On the Hunts an American reality television series that aired on CMT. She is gaining a huge media attention after her new look and weight loss. But some of the sources said that she has gone through plastic surgery.

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Beth Chapman- Sued for $30 million by fellow fugitive seeker

Not only Beth Chapman but also Duane Chapman was sued for $30 million by a fellow fugitive seeker, Charles Fisher who claims that his life was ruined by appearing on the show- Dog the Bounty Hunter. 

[ CAPTION: Beth Chapman was sued for $30 million by fellow fugitive ][ SOURCE: Extra ]

Duane claimed that his reputation and bounty hunting business was destroyed after Charles was featured on one of the episodes of Dog and Beth: On The hunts.