Five facts about conservative political activist, Dana Loesch, Know all

March 8, 2018
First Published On: March 8, 2018
by Jessica Gomez

An American conservative political activist, Dana Loesch, is best known for hosting the program Dana on The Blaze TV. She is also the spokesperson for the National Rifle Association. Check out these top five interesting facts about Dana Loesch.


Dana moved from the mommy blogger to campaigner for the gun right this week. As she used the logic of motherhood in her defense of guns. Due to which she faced an unexpected controversy. So, without any delay let's find out five facts about Dana in detail. Stick with us.

Five interesting facts about Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch was born on September 21, 1978, in Dallas, Texas, U.S. She was raised by her mother in an extended family. She completed her high school graduation from Fox High School in Arnold, Missouri. She then joined Webster University to study Journalism.

5. Dana Loesch- Grew up in a Democratic Family

Dana grew up in a democratic family. When she was young, her love of guns started. As her grandfather use to teach to shoot BB guns in the backyard. She even has written about recalling memories with her grandfather on his porch holding a shotgun to safeguard her aunt from her estranged hubby.

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When her liberal history teacher said, Dana, to play Bill Clinton's role during a class debate in high school, Dana showed an interested in politics since then. And now it looks as if she was born only for politics. As she is a conservative politics and commentator.

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4. Dana Loesch- A Conservative Republican

After a Islamic terrorist group attack in the United State, Dana became a Conservative Republican. Dana was raised in a Democratic family; she didn’t agree with the military intervention in the world. Despite that, she is married to a Republican and realized that most of her personal views clashed he generally liberal views.

CAPTION: Dana Loesch- A Conservative Republican SOURCE: The Obama Journal

3. Dana Loesch- Got her start as a mommy blogger

Dana first made her name by writing on her blog- Mamalogues. There she described her life as a homeschooling mommy. The blog she started in 2004 was so successful and fortunately, it got picked by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as a column.

CAPTION: Dana Loesch- Got her start as a mommy blogger SOURCE: The Real McTeag

However, the blog wasn’t political, it’s because of her syndicated radio show- The Dana Show, which helped her to launch herself as a conservative commentator. After the column lifted local attention, Dana became a regular contributor and soon she got her own show which became rankings for achievement and is expanding daily.

2. Dana Loesch- Support Ted Cruz

Dana once co-founded- Tea Party chapter in St. Louis and wasn’t in support of Trump. She supported Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign and endorsed Ted on her show.

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Dana said,

“You really best, to me, embody those flyover values and I appreciate your fight because this has been a story of David and Goliath. You’re a godly man and, as I said, you’ve been consistent, so we’re praying for you and we’re pulling for you.”

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1. Dana Loesch- NRA authorized spokesperson

In February 2017, Dana became the NRA’s authorized spokesperson. Back in 2016, she was selected to assist as a special adviser on Women’s policy issue and contributed commentary video to NRA TV.

CAPTION: Dana Loesch- NRA authorized spokesperson SOURCE: The New Daily

And with that work, the CEO of the NRA said that he was quite impressed by Dana’s command of the issue facing the NRA and also her ability to communicate their position and connect with the men and women on those issues.