Ted Cruz Started his Marital Life With Wife Heidi Cruz since 2001 and Parents of Two Daughters!

Sam SmithPublished on   25 Jan, 2018Updated on   23 Apr, 2021

With the rise of people getting into politics, it is an understandable thing to be a fan of politicians. Even if we are not their fans, we are curious about the things they have at hand. Such a question was raised as to how the politician Ted Cruz started his marital life with Heidi Cruz.

Although the politician Ted Cruz is busy in his never-ending professional life, he has kept his marital relationship with Heidi Cruz at bay. Even if they are busy professionally, how have they maintained their marital affair? Scroll down to know all about Ted and Heidi’s romantic true love story.

Marital Life: Ted Cruz and Heidi Cruz

Starting with the love life of the political couple, they met each other while they were working for the presidential campaign of the former president of US, George W. Bush in 2000. The professional meeting between Ted and Heidi turned out to love in a couple of meetings. A year later, on May 27, 2001, the couple got married.

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The life of both Ted and Heidi are open to the public professionally. However, not much information about their private life is known. Unlike their professional life, they seem to prefer talking very less about their personal life.

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With 17 years into their marriage, the couple share 2 daughters, Caroline and Catherine. Even being separated for a long period of 7 years, the couple seems to have the same kind of love they had for each other when they started their relationship.

What made them stay away from each other for seven years?

We have told you that the couple had to stay away for seven years, but do you know why? After a few years into their marriage, Ted decided to take a job in Austin as Texas’ Solicitor General, in 2004.

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Ted had to stay in Washington at the Treasury Department but his wife, Heidi was back home. With Ted’s move to Texas, the manager of Goldman Sachs experienced a series of depression attacks. Eventually, Heidi had to move to Texas with her beloved husband.

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For Ted, Heidi had to leave her job and move to Houston as she was not allowed to live with her husband in Austin. In Houston, she had to get a job in the banking sector. The couple always found time to meet each other as they used to drive for 3 hours every weekend to visit one another.

Although Ted had to focus on his political career, he also managed to maintain a good familial relationship with Heidi and their children. With the distance playing the part of an enemy in their romantic relationship, they laid the foundation of their love through compromise and trust.