Republican National Convention Hero Donald Trump Picked Mike Pence - Ted Cruz Booed

Republican National Convention 2016 had a lot of interesting scoops and some ouch moments too. Tiffany Trump showering all her love for her father to Peter Thiel accepting Donald Trump as the President and the very very famous Nazi salute. Republic National Convention undoubtedly will be remembered for many years to come. Trust me on that.

However, in all these interesting stories we can't ignore the very famous love-hate story of President nominee Donald Trump.That is the most exciting of all.Why not after all? He chose Mike Pence as the candidate and with that the campaign hailed it slogan anthem- Make America Great Again.

While accepting his speech who is now the VP candidate, he came with a trademark line:

I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.

Hmm looks like it is all that it takes to Make America Great Again- just according to Pence and Trump it seems.Mike Pence whose age is 57 years is the Governor of Indiana and now the Republican party nominee for Vice President in the United States Presidential Elections 2016.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence” kiss story”

But the story doesn't end here. Not at all. There might be some other reasons of Donald Trump for not selecting Ted Cruz but Mike Pence for the Vice President candidate. A reason like- just a kiss; takes me back to the line- give me a kiss and I’ll give you the world. Hmm seems legit enough after all Donald Trump picked Mike Pence and then that kiss.Not judging you Mr. Trump. Not at all.

Ted Cruz booed

In all of this new love story, there has been one man who has been constantly buzzed rather booed along with being cheered too. Ted Cruz , age 45; an American attorney cum politician's speech at Republican National Convention was very successful in making the hall in Cleveland echo a lot.When he gave his speech Cruz stood defiantly and did not endorse Trump and that was enough to bring an uproar of cheer and booes at the same time. Just this is a clear indication as to how the GOP will always remain divided no matter what.

And that was just not it. After a very “love-filled" Republican Convention Trump has now launched a tirade against Ted Cruz. Ouch Ted, we feel you, Kay. Trump has gone on a record to say that”I don’t want his endorsement, if he gives it, I won’t accept it.” Well, Mr. Trump just so you have your memory clicked; Cruz did not endorse you. Oh well never mind that and please continue tweeting your hate.