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Five interesting facts about Eboni Williams

February 11, 2018
First published on:February 11, 2018
by Jessica Gomez

An American television host and attorney, Eboni Williams is the co-host of the show Fox News Specialists on the Fox News Channel. Here are five facts which you need to know about Eboni Willians.


After being a law student, Eboni is also involved with the Louisiana Attorney General office and Louisiana Secretary of State. So, without any delay let's get into the topic which deals with five interesting facts about Eboni William in detail.

Five facts you need to know about Eboni Williams

Eboni Williams was born on 9th September 1988 in North Carolina, United State as Eboni Kiuhnna Williams. She received a B.A in communication and J.D from the Loyola University College of Law.

Although she was raised by a single mother, her mother was very serious about her study so Eboni is the first person in her family to finish a four-year University and received a professional law degree.

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Eboni Williams- Raised in Middle-Class family

We know that Eboni was raised by a single mother as well as in a middle-class family. It would be very difficult for a single mother to raise her children and provide her education and we can understand who hard it would be for her mother to provide her full education.

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However, Eboni is the only person in her family to complete her university education and to be a Political and Legal Contributor on Fox News Channel.

Eboni Williams- A registered Independent

Eboni is a registered independent and we are sure that she will bring more of the liberal perspective to the Fox Channel show Fox News Specialists than her co-hosts. During an interview, Eboni said that she is a registered independent but that she learned to left on the political issue.

[ CAPTION: Eboni Williams ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

She added that she is not going to sit on a network and carry a banner for all democratic officials. She is now registered as an independent and she can leave on most issue.

Eboni Williams- Has background in Law

Before being a journalist and political commentator, she studied law. She earned her J.D from Loyola University- college of law. During her studies, she focused on civil litigation and family law. She even had experienced working both as a private defense lawyer and public defender lawyer throughout Los Angeles and North Carolina.

[ CAPTION: Eboni Williams- Has background in Law ][ SOURCE: Fox News Video ]

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, she was a law student and she clerked for the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office and Louisiana Secretary of State with the members of the New Orleans City Council.

Eboni Williams- Provided Legal Counsel in family law

In the year 2008, Eboni provided a legal counsel in civil litigation and family law. She also was a public defender and then returned to the private practice in 2010. She also provided representation for her clients in rape, drug, federal offense cases, homicide, and rape.

[ CAPTION: Eboni Williams- Provided Legal Counsel in family law ][ SOURCE: Famous People ]

Eboni Williams- Served as Freelance contributor

Well if you are not aware of Freelance contributor then let us tell you that freelance work is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and that, previously Eboni served as a freelance contributor to many different, different television shows.

[ CAPTION: Eboni Williams- Served as Freelance contributor ][ SOURCE: ]

Before she became a member of the FOX News, she was a CBS News correspondents and a radio host for the KFI AM 640. And let us tell you that Eboni is one of the finest contributors in the world of journalism.

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