Does Victoria Fritz Earns Less Than her Colleague? Her Net Worth and Salary

March 14, 2018
First Published On: March 14, 2018
by Sam Smith

The English journalist Victoria Fritz has been working in the BBC news channel but, is earning far less than her male colleagues. Even due to such a low pay, she has been able to add a million dollar to her net worth.


Male Domination is so deeply rooted in the social consciousness that it has become a second nature to most of the people. Even in this century where the male-dominated society has seen an end to them has still remained of it. Likewise, Victoria also suffered the same fate. Scroll down to know more about this issue and know what her net worth is.

BBC newsreader, Victoria Fritz earns less than her male colleagues

The business news reader of BBC, Victoria Fritz earns less than $83387. However, it is reported that her colleague Dan Walker earns around $347447. Two other female hosts whose names cannot be disclosed earns around the same money as Victoria even after working in the major news channel.

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CAPTION: Victoria Fritz on the set of BBC
SOURCE: Flickr

Many of the viewers thought that the female presenters are paid the same or a bit less than males. But Victoria revealed the truth in an amazing way to the Daily Mail. After she came clean people were shocked as to how little the presenter earned.

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CAPTION: Victoria Fritz
SOURCE: UK Construction Week

Victoria, who went into labor in 2016 while reading the news, also said their boss would be hiding on the day of salary distribution and nowadays the higher-ups are locked in the negotiation with female presenters. She moreover added, the manager is in a great fear and now in a difficult conversation with lots of female staff.

Victoria Fritz's salary and net worth

Well, we already know how much her salary is, don’t we? If not, then her earning is less than $83387 as we have already mentioned above. But as she keeps her profile low, her total net worth has not been disclosed yet.

CAPTION: Victoria Fritz
SOURCE: Daily Mail

As she has been working as a new reader in the BBC since 2008, we can assume that she may have been able to add millions of dollar in her collection. As she prefers to talk less about her personal life and doesn’t share much about her personal life, it’s very difficult to assume how her lifestyle is.

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With all these information, the only thing we can assume is being a newsreader of BBC, she is earning a good sum of money even after being paid less than her male colleagues. So, maybe she is living her life in a luxurious way. As she still has to go a long way in her career, hope she will definitely add more to her total net worth year by year.