Venessa Marcil's seventh miscarriage just months after her Pregnancy Announcement

One of the Daytime Emmy Winning actress, Venessa Marcil who became famous for the role as Brenda Barrett in General hospital was again going to be a mother but, she faced another miscarriage.


We all know about the hurtful experiences she has had during her pregnancies. Up until now, she had such a high number of complications in her pregnancy. But, now, she had again conceived a baby on her womb. But, again, she had the same hurtful experience. Let's look at the pregnancy and miscarriage of Venessa Marcil.  

Venessa Marcil another Pregnancy miscarriage

It is now the eight time, Venessa conceived a baby on her womb. And, now her fortune again kicked her in the head as she went through another miscarriage.

The news of her miscarriage was revealed through the post of a fan's Instagram page of the actor. The news shocked all of their fans as she went through the same faith for the seventh time. We can't even imagine her troubles.

CAPTION: The heartbreaking post SOURCE: Instagram

Venessa Marcil announced she is expecting her second child. The actress revealed it via her Instagram post. Moreover, she also revealed the gender of the child growing in her womb. The Daytime Emmy winner had shared her news with a picture of the baby bump along with her puppy with a caption THE GIRL.

CAPTION: Venessa Marcil revealed pregnancy through the post SOURCE: Instagram

The American actress revealed the news of her pregnancy just two months after she revealed, she decided to have a go at being a mother again after her six miscarriage.

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But, again, the miscarriage news came as a storm in her life.

Venessa Marcil's six miscarriages; trouble Pregnancy

Vanessa, in her previous relationships, had gone through a series of six heart-throbbing miscarriages. She got pregnant but, due to some complications, her child got displaced from her womb. Heart-breaking, isn’t it?

CAPTION: Post regarding Venessa Marcil six miscarriage SOURCE: Instagram

Although she has stated that she had gone through six miscarriages, we are unknown about all her miscarriages. The known one is when she was in a marital relationship with then-husband, Carmine Giovinazzo she had gone through a terrible miscarriage for two times. However, others are not disclosed yet.

Now, the couple is devastated to hear about the miscarriage. This has turned the couple into a hurt soul. Let's hope for the betterment of the couple.