Who is Dana Perino? Is she Still Single or Married?Know about her Relationship and Married Life

An American political commentator and author, Dana Perino served as 26th White House Press Secretary. She is currently a political commentator Fox News and co-hosts the talk show 'The Five'. Despite being a person behind controlling all the press related activities in The white house she is quite good with her personal life as well.


So let's find out all details about Dana Perino's personal life. Stick with us to know about Dana Perino personal life facts along with her family life.

Is Dana Perino Single or Married? 

On 30th September 1998, Danna was married to Peter McMahon. Peter is a businessman who is involved in the international marketing and sales of medial products. 

CAPTION: Dana Perino and her husband
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Danna and Peter met each other in 1997 during an air-flight. After they met each other, Dana moved to England and married him within a year. You won't believe that the couple is already 2 decades into their married life and still love each other like before but the couple still have no children. 

Dana Perino First meeting with Peter McMohan 

While Dana reveals that it was love at first sight, her husband's side of the story is different. Peter explains that he wasn't looking for any kind of relationship at first. 

CAPTION: Dana Perino and her husband
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As Peter is older than Dana, he claimed that he wasn't really flirting with her. Peter revealed that when Dana gave her number to him, he thought that was her friendly appearance as she seemed to like his English humor and accent.

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Dana Perino Children

Dana and her husband Peter live together in Manhattan. It has been 20 years but they don't have any children but live with a dog named Jasper.

CAPTION: Dana Perino with her husband and dog
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Dana is the stepmother to Peter's two adult children from his previous marriage. Further, Peter also has two grandchildren, Sebastian and Rachel, from his previous marriage. 

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Despite the fact that there are no children to whom Dana can designate as her biological kids but her family is complete with a loving husband, stepchildren, and grandchildren.

CAPTION: Dana Perino
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Despite spending 20 years together, the pair still seems to be crazily in love. Thus, Perino and McMohan’s pair can be taken as an inspiration by a lot of couples.