How Much Is The Colombian Actor Daniel Arenas Net Worth and Salary He Manages From His Profession

39 years old Colombian actor Daniel Arenas is a famous actor for both Colombian and Mexican television. He is best known for his appearance in a telenovela, Los Reyes and also got nominated for the India Catalina Awards.


Daniel Arena has grabbed the attention of millions of people with his brilliant acting skill and has represented himself in many television series, video documentary and a short film which has helped him to grab a big sum of money. He is one of the most liked artists in Colombian and Mexican television. Daniel has also highlighted some brand as he is involved with them in endorsements and is also a judge in a television show. Let's get more information about Daniel Arenas's earnings and net worth.

Net Worth of Daniel Arenas  

Daniel Arenas appearing in various Mexican and Colombian shows has achieved a lot of fame and opportunities from his job which has helped him to increase his net worth tremendously. As of now, Daniel's total net worth is estimated to be around $44 million.

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CAPTION: Colombian actor Daniel Arenas
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As we already mentioned Daniel has appeared in more than 10 television series and shows including Los Reyes, Teresa, Dona Bella, WIld at Heart, The Stray Cat, Amorcito Corazon as well as Mi marido Tiene family, which has been the major television appearances for the brilliant actor Daniel and the major source of his career earnings however he started his professional career with the appearance in the theatre with "Hercules the Musical" where he played the role of Hercules.

Youtube: Daniel Arenas appearance in Los Reyes

Besides television series and movies, actor Daniel Arenas has also cracked some endorsement deals with big brands like Televisa. His involvement in the endorsements brands which has also been the best source of income for the charming actor Daniel. He is also connected to a healthy living brand Elixir as he often promotes the brand also by sharing the pictures and recommending to use the brand products via various social media sources.

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CAPTION: Daniel Arenas promoting his brand via Instagram
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Daniel also appeared as a judge in the 10th season of Nuestra Belleza Latina and also won Soap Opera award for The Most Handsome actor and been nominated for various other Awards. Daniel via Instagram shared a picture of him winning a BECA trophy for The Best Lead Abroad Actor.

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CAPTION: Daniel Arenas winning BECA trophy
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Daniel Arenas lavish lifestyle 

Daniel loves to live his life freely and has an expensive lifestyle. He often goes visiting many places and is seen pending his earnings on his vacations. He also shared a picture and videos of tours vacations and his outfits he wears via social media.

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CAPTION: Daniel Arenas enjoying his free time SOURCE: Instagram

We can see the Actor is enjoying freely as he spends lots of his earnings in visiting different places as well as he is very conscious about his health and physic and spends lots of his money for maintaining his good health and physic. He is often seen sharing pictures where he is seen exercising in his personal gym.

Being a successful actor he has been impressively maintaining his appearances in the television and in the real life. As we already mentioned he is very conscious about his physic and personality development, sure he has many female fans. 

Let's get to know more on Daniel from these facts

1. Daniel Arenas was born on 30 March 1979 in Colombia.
2. His total net worth is estimated to be around $44 million.
3. His full name is Daniel Arenas Consuegra.
4. He is the youngest of six children.
5. He studied acting in the United States.
6. Daniel's debut in television was from Teressa.
7. He has worked for both Colombian and Mexican television.
8. His height is 1.83 m.
9. He owns an apartment in Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia
10. He is nonreligious.