See Colombian Model Maritza Rodriguez in bikini and bare body with sexy feet. Facts with photos

July 4, 2018
First published on:November 23, 2016
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Maritza Rodriguez is a hot Columbian supermodel and actress. The mother of two is best known for her roles in series like Cristal Covarrubias in Venevisión's telenovela Ángel Rebelde, as Sara Andrade in Telemundo's telenovela El Rostro de Analia and much more. The hot actress has millions of followers all over the world and people still desire to see her bikini images and bare body photos.

So, today we bring you the hot Columbian model Maritza Rodriguez in the bikini and bare body with sexy feet. We intend you to entertain with some of the coolest pictures of the model turned actress along with some fun facts with photos.

So, without any delay, we present to you the queen of your dreams Maritza Rodriguez. Let's have a close look at her professional life as well as personal life along with some sensual pictures that will make you fall in love with her.

The Model reached 42 years of age this September

Maritza Rodriguez was born on 1st September 1975 in Barranquilla, Colombia.She is a world famous telenovela actress and model. The hot property of Columbia recently lives in Miami Florida with her husband and two twin sons named Akiva and Yehuda.


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The supermodel just celebrated her 43rd birthday this September but no one can tell she is already forty-one by looking at her. To be honest she looks a lot younger for a forty-three years old women.

Married to Joshua Mintz

Maritza is married to Joshua Mintz somewhere in June 2005. Mintz is a Jewish Mexican TV executive and a Vice President of Scripted Programming as well as a General Manager of Telemundo Studios. The couple is basically in working in the field of entertainment together.


On Al Rojo, Vivo  Rodriguez announced that the couple is expecting twin babies and on April 13, 2013, she gave birth to twin sons and her delivery was six weeks earlier than the date given by doctors. She on seeing the babies for the first time said that the babies were the sweetest thing she ever got in her life.

The husband and wife so far are happy with their married life. And we here no rumors of their separation or divorce. The couple understands each other pretty well as they both work for the entertainment industry and show the strong bond of love and support towards each other.

What are the names of her twin boys?

As Joshua Mintz is Jewish, the names of her twin children were kept considering his religious values. The boys were named as Akiva and Yehuda.


The couple keeps posting the images of their babies on social media sites. The babies look totally beautiful just like their sexy mama.

Maritza is also an entrepreneur of a beauty line

Although Maritza is best known as an established Columbian model and actress, she is also a successful owner of a beauty product line under her entrepreneurship. So, despite being an actress and model she is a successful businesswoman as well.

She is a beautiful model who is followed by many women who want to look as astonishing as she does. So her brand needs no introduction and marketing as she has fans all over the world.

Resident of Miami Florida

She is a hot model who lives in the exotic land of Miami, Florida. The place full of beaches, Miami is a perfect place for a supermodel like her to flaunt in a hot bikini. The Colombian Diva is often seen taking a walk around beaches with her husband.

Maritza, as reported by our sources, has no problem being clicked around by her fans as she feels like the celebrity life comes with the responsibilities towards the fans.

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