Colombian Singer Diana Lasso, Ex-Wife of Wayne Brady is Positive Towards her Life

HitBerryPublished on   27 Jul, 2016Updated on   02 Jul, 2017

Diana Lasso who is a Colombian native and famous singer has a message for you all. Lasso has always tried her best to keep all of her information behind the curtains. She previously shared married life with Wayne Brady.

Even after her divorce with former husband, Wayne Brady, she seems to be positive towards her life. Today, in this particular column, we will be talking about Diana Lasso. Check it out:

Ex-Wife of Wayne Brady, Diana Lasso, is Positive Towards her Life

If by any chance you did not understand what the below video is about, you definitely will now; because this is all Diana Lasso wants you all to know. Survival is never easy, and for Diana, it was even harder after her divorce with her husband, Wayne Brady.

This will pass. Let’s hope for tomorrow. It will get better. Just wait

Not just that she had to see her ex-husband gets married and have a family of his own while she happened to live life lonely. However, all the problems went away; slowly, but they did and that according to her is the biggest key to the secret of happiness.

Diana Lasso Diana Lasso

Sending her message and good wishes to one of her fans Alex Diana took on to the social site of YouTube to narrate this not only to Alex but each and every fan of hers. Recollecting her memories of past Diana also added that it was not easy for her either.

It never was because she had to see a lot. The Columbian native shared in the Spanish language that when she moved into this small little house, she did not have anything and it was a struggle every day. The only thing that kept her going in all of this was HOPE.

She hoped for good things to happen slowly, which eventually did too because Diana not only changed her career but managed to succeed as well.

Diana Lasso and her husband, Wayne Brady

Diana Lasso and Wayne Brady got married to each other on the 31st of December 1993, and it is speculated that it was a love marriage.

Although they tied the knot at the beginning of the New Year; the marriage was quite short lived for they divorced each other on September 21, 1995.

The reason for the divorce has not been disclosed in the media, but it is reportedly believed that Wayne went into a state of Clinical depression after his divorce and it was his second wife Mandie Taketa who helped him get out of it.However, even Mandie and Wayne split, although they have a daughter Maile Masako Brady.

Wayne Brady and his ex-wife Madie Taketa. The couple has a daughter but they are divorced since 2008. Wayne Brady and his ex-wife Madie Taketa. The couple has a daughter, but they are divorced since 2008.

Even though Diana Lasso is regularly followed by her millions of well-wishers and fans, she still managed to keep her information secret. However, we can see her sharing the positive vibes with her fans.

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