Five Facts about a Colombian actress, Isabella Gomez

Jessica GomezPublished on   16 Mar, 2018Updated on   16 Mar, 2018

A Colombian actress, Isabella Gomez rose to fame after her role as Elena Alvarez in the Netflix original series, One Day at a Time. Check out these interesting facts in detail about Isabella which deals all information regarding her personal to professional life.


Isabella made her first film debut in the year 2014 as Christina Sandoval in an American television series, Matador. So, without any delay let’s get into the topic which deals five interesting facts about Isabella Gomez.

Five facts you need to know about Isabella Gomez

Isabella Gomez was born on February 9, 1998, in Medellin, Colombia. She is the only child of her parents, Eliana Meija-mother and Sergio Gomez-father. She started being involved in the business at the age of 5. And after some year her parents moved to Los Angles in order to pursue Isabella’s career.

5. Isabella Gomez- Supportive family

When Isabella was 10 years old, her family moved to Florida and there she started receiving lessons from a vocal tutor to help moderate her accent. Her family always supported and motivated her to follow her dreams. And the result is infront of us as she is achieving huge success in her life, isn;t it?

CAPTION: Isabella Gomez- Supportive family SOURCE: Instagram

Isabella started her career in the year 2014 by appearing in seven episode of Matador and later on she landed as Flavia in the Modern Family. And now she is popular for being on One Day at a Time. We are sure that she will receive more success in her upcoming days.

4. Isabella Gomez-Secret Boyfriend

Isabella has been grabbing the attention of many of her fans but have you ever imagine the person grabbing her attention? Well, back on 8th January 2015, she tweeted on Twitter that she was dating a secret boyfriend and his name was not mentioned. In that post, we can see Isabella kissing her boyfriend. Wanna look? Here is it:

Twitter: Isabella wishing Happy Birthday to her secret boyfriend;

After the post, she was questioned many questions regarding her personal life by the media as well as by her fans but she ignored the question and kept her love life away from the media

3. Isabella Gomez and secret boyfriend- Breakup

Well, it’s not yet confirmed that she is in a relationship with her secret boyfriend but on 27th Feb 2016, Isabella tweeted that her grandmother turned 94 and is concern about Isabella not having a boyfriend. Here’s the tweet:

Twitter: Isabella opens up about her secret boyfriend;

As per the tweet, we can assume that she has already broken up with her secret boyfriend and the next mystery was left by Isabella. Moreover, we can assure that she is currently single and is living her single life happily.

2. Isabella Gomez- Bisexual in the on-screen or in real life?

As there is very few information regarding her relationship, people suspected her sexuality. So, there arises various question regarding her sexuality. It is often said that she is a lesbian as it is revealed of Isabella being lesbian in the season one finale of Netflix original series One day at a time.

CAPTION: Isabella Gomez- Bisexual in the on-screen or in real li SOURCE: Twitter

1. Elena Alvarez role taught Isabella Gomez

While portraying the role of Elena Alvarez on the series One day at a time, Isabella said the role of Elena was important for her because Elena is an activist who cares little about her appearance much to the chagrin of her vain abuela, Lydia.

CAPTION: Isabella Gomez as Elena Alvarez SOURCE: Youtube

The character, Elena is defined more by her intellect than her look. Although she never saw herself venturing out of the dramatic work. And those good things about Elena taught Isabella internally.