CNN's Chris Cuomo Turned Funny When Director John Duber Ask Him To Look Serious

May 8, 2018
First Published On: May 8, 2018

CNN Chris Cuomo who says his favorite current TV show is New Day Turns funny in the same show after director John Duber ask him to look serious. Instead, he turns funny on June 4, 2018.


Every day, we see news anchors and reporters hit the live broadcast on TV and nobody knows what happens next after all its live streaming. Mistakes can happen or you may not be able to give serious looks like CNN Chris Cuomo can’t in New Day on June 4.

Everybody present in the scenario including the shooting team can stop laughing when the director John Duber request Cuomo to give a more serious look in the air while delivering the news. But when he is asked “perfect” they would burst into laughter when he replies “wait I am not trying yet.”

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Looks like when he decides to look serious the cameraman word “perfect” would sound comical and he cannot focus on seeing weighty. And when Cuomo laughs all laugh along with him.

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Cuomo is interested in comedy and he revealed that if he was in a TV show, he will love to accept comedy genre. Though he is committed to his work he does love to be comic as most like people like to. The difference is sometimes it occurs in the workplace.