Melania Trump Follows Only Two People On Her Instagram, Who Are They?

First lady Melania Trump official Instagram name Flotus has two following including Realdonaldtrump. The other following of Donald Trump’s wife isn’t Barack Obama but Whitehouse.


Melania Trump Instagram has 1.5 million followers but follows only two people. Instagram is a social media in which the first lady has the lowest following.

[ CAPTION: Melania Trump Instagram ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

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Earlier the first lady hit the news headline when she has followed her husband Trump’s predecessor and longtime political target, Barack Obama.

[ CAPTION: First Lady Melania Trump follows Barack Obama ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

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Former model twitter account Melania Trump@ Flotus is her second lowest social media that has only five followers including Barack Obama. It’s unclear why she has followed Obama in one twitter account only but not in other social media like Instagram.

[ CAPTION: White House on the day of inauguration ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

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Melania Trump has had low interaction with Barack Obama. Among minimal interaction, a traditional cup visit to White House on the day of inauguration was one.