Former Model Brandi Glanville compares her divorce with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian to death

HitBerryPublished on   02 Dec, 2015Updated on   24 May, 2021

Brandi Glanville had somewhat of a horrible divorce with her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and has been avoiding him as much as she can since they split in 2010. Brandi has also said it was a difficult time for her and that every time she comes across him, she remembers the depressing times she went through.

Brandi even went to the extent of comparing her split with Eddie to death. Brandi was married to Eddie for over eight years from 2001 to 2009. Brandi was the one who filed for a divorce and the reason was clear. Eddie had been having not one but many extra marital affairs and was known to have a number of girlfriends too.

Brandi had earlier forgiven Eddie on a number of occasions. But, she has said it soon turned too embarrassing and stupid not to file for divorce. Even after the umpteenth warnings to leave, he always begged for forgiveness. But the next day, he was back sleeping with other women.

Brandi finally called it quits when Eddie’s affair with his co-star LeAnn Rimes was made public by an unknown source. After Brandi divorced Eddie in 2010, Eddie went on to marry LeAnn in 2011. Eddie responded to Brandi’s comments and claims over the media by saying “Brandi was born to create drama”.

Brandi, in a statement to the media, said they both had irreconcilable differences and had to split as it was best for them and their children.

Brandi and Eddie have two sons Mason and Jake from their eight years of marriage.

After Brandi and Eddie split, Brandi began to publicly shame Eddie’s wife LeAnn and Eddie had to tell Brandi to stop or else her children would be emotionally traumatized by the ruckus she was creating.

Brandi is a formal model and was time and again voted by fans as one of the top ten hot models of the year in USA. Brandi has also, over the years, been voted into the top ten sexy female models in the TV industry by fans.

Brandi was very close to her father who recently succumbed to a life in bed at a hospital in L.A. Doctors have said Guy Glanville Brandi’s father suffers from a rare lung condition and has very few months to live.

Brandi is a rather popular figure on social media and has over 120K followers in total. She frequently posts pictures of her day to day life on Instagram, where she can be followed as thebrandiglanville.

Brandi’s net worth is also estimated to be around $5Million. Most of her earnings come from her various appearances in a number of reality TV shows and series alike. She has also made a ton of money from her modeling days and was, at one time, one of the highest paid models in America.