Brie Bella Opens Up about Her Twin Sister Nikki Breakup Who says John Is Like Brother

Brie Bella still considers John Cena as apart of the family though her twin sister Nikki Bela and Cena broke up.


Nikki Bella was spotted at the Nirvana Food and Wine Festival in Arizona on April 21, 2018, without her massive diamond ring from ex-fiance Cena.

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Nikki made her first appearance on Saturday at the Arizona festival along with her twin sister after they call off their engagement in April  2018.

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Brie on the ceremony defend the claims that she wanted to kill Cena. But says she loves her twin sister ex like a brother.

“I’ll always love @Johncena like a brother, He’ll always be family. My heart is hurting for him and my sister,” Brie captioned on Instagram on last Wednesday.  

Brie also opens Nikki split and says “Cena and Nicole don’t want to talk about the reason behind their separation and we better offer them privacy.”

But when her name was pulled into than she thinks for a while and responds, he is still a part of the family and like my brother. She continued what happened between my sister and Cena it is different and it's between them. Besides it, he is a good man.

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Cena and Nikki split just before a month of their wedding and they the ceremony was set to held in Mexico.