Blac Chyna’s Easter Fight At Six Flags

Blac Chyna attacked a woman with a stroller at Six Flags whom she allegedly claimed that the unknown women tried to touch her baby without her permission.


We are here not trying to make you April fool like Netflix did to Seth Rogen. The fight between Black Chyna and a woman is absolutely true.

Blac Chyna headed to Six Flags on the Easter Sunday but it soon turned into a mess when she totally loses her temper on a woman. At the location, she was spotted in the heated argument. Not only that when thing went out of control Chyna attacked the female with a plastic stroller.

The stroller looks similar to the one which her two children King Cairo and Dream were riding before the clash took place. Though we are unclear where the children were during the time of the fight. Might be they were hidden some were safe by her boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay.

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Footage of the Chyna and her teen boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay getting into the fight has emerged. The clash has been uploaded by several people presented in the situation and it’s all over social media.

A woman who claimed to be the one tweeted that the fight broke out when she admired the reality star daughter and rubbed the hand of baby Dream.  The involved woman was identified using @_callmeleooo soon after she uses a tweet to explain the whole scenario.

Chyna responded on Instagram that the incident was the process of protecting her children.   


CAPTION: Blac Chyna’s Easter Fight At Six Flags SOURCE: Instagram


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There were some friend and guard who can't even prevent the two from the physical fight. Thank god the clash didn't go bad enough to send one of the two to hospital.