Netflix Obtained Seth Rogen On April Fool Day

Seth Rogen sold himself to Netflix for a charitable April fool’s joke.


Netflix officially announced that Seth Rogan has sold his autonomy to Netflix. Now his entirety including his film, jokes and his likeness is owned by Netflix. And they can make the actor what they like to do.

Just kidding it’s just April Fool People.

Wow! Viewers who sign-in to Netflix this morning might be shocked to see the new banner reading that Netflix acquired actor Seth Rogen- it’s just part of an April Fool Day, nothing to worry fans.

Moreover, there was fake video press release where Knocked Up star review the terms & condition of the so-called agreement. His regrets in the video at the end saying “I should have read this before I sign it.” His facial expression was watchable after all he is a talented actor and easily knows how to fake.

Here the true fans the entertaining video and contract of streaming service was, in reality, a promo for the new comedy special, Hilarity for Charity that drops on April 6, 2018. The show will be hosted by Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller which will appear selected talented comedian to raise money for Alzheimer people.

After few hours the streaming service releases another video on its Twitter page which is totally comic.

This 2018’s April fool’s day happened to fall on Easter after 2012.